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Will the Borderlands Golden Keys ever become a Micro Transaction ? *update

Borderlands 3 Make it Rain Golden Keys
Borderlands 3 Make it Rain Golden Keys

Hey guys, for today i got another question for you; “do you think the populair Golden Keys will ever become a paid micro transaction ?” Because with the next Borderlands somewhere behind the horizon and developers and publishers always look for new ways to make money. I thought of ways how micro-transactions could be implemented in Borderlands 3. Usually i don’t really care about these type of purchases if they are implemented through the traditional cosmetic items or boosters  that speeding up your gameplay experience.  There is no way of denying the fact that the Shift Codes for Golden Keys are very populair. But do people want them that bad that they would actually pay money for them ? Well i think you have an opinion about that so let me know in the comments and lets get a discussion going.

With Battleborn we saw Gearbox and 2K implement certain boosters that gave you more loot or XP. Because with that game some of the unlockable stuff can be a bit of a grind. With Borderlands we know based on the previous games that there is a longer and more slow progression loop. This gives the player a ton of play time before completing everything. But is it to much for some people ? These Golden Keys give you access to the golden chest that proves you with better loot. This could potentially give you that edge in-game and speed up your progress. So this raised the question for me if these Golden Keys are becoming a Micro Transaction. I think Gearbox will continue to provide SHiFT Codes to get you back in the game, because that’s what the system is build for. To get you engaged with the game and keep you playing. However will they lower the amount of Keys to  increase sales ?

Personally i like how the the Shift Codes work with the Golden Keys. While i didn’t use them a lot because of the terrible interface on console, i see that people are fond of them and it keeps people engaged with the game. If for some reason Gearbox really needs to implement some kind of paid booster into the game, they could always go back to the moxxtails from Borderlands the Pre-sequel. These already functioned as boosters and you had to pay the more expensive in-game currency for them. Personally i never used them, i believe there was an achievement if you used all of them  at least once. So that’s what i did, buy them all in a row and never bought them again.  The moxxtails kinda felt like boosts that where added for people that where not up to the challenge of the game.  And i wanted that challenge.

Well i this all makes for some good speculation, but  let me know what your thoughts are on this.


I Noticed that Lone Vault Wanderer  also came to  the conclusion that Golden Keys are a potential option for Micro-transactions. Here is his video and opinion about the case.

Gearbox, PLEASE Dont Microtransaction Golden Keys


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  1. Why care? Most people will get P.C.cheats and modded sites anyhow!!

  2. They already had transaction with skin on bo2, (it was cool for me, you know you pay them just to support the company like skin in league of legend), but shift code was a cool feature in borderlands game, because it means that their media has visit , so they get income in possible advertisment and keep their social active. I dont think they ll add any microtransaction about shift code but maybe some micro-t with some new feature, like you said : boost of any kind, or maybe some minion that follows you… That would be cool in borderlands , like for the one that gaige had( but on a smaller version so that is versatile with all the charachters) (not like a mount in mmorpg)

    • I had no problems how they handled dlc with BL2. If people wanted the skins that’s fine with me. I prefer my dlc like the tiny Tina assault on Dragon keep add on. A minion as a booster could be fun, now you have your own claptrap the fragtrap with you all the time with you :p

  3. Unless the keys I bought could be reused every week or so I wouldn’t buy a single one.

    In fact it would probably put me off buying the game entirely.


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