Will Rhys and Fiona be in Borderlands 3 ?

Rhys and Fiona in Borderlands 3
Rhys and Fiona in Borderlands 3

Today’s big question is; will Rhys and Fiona from Tales from the Borderlands be in Borderlands 3 ? Because its a big mystery what happens at the end of episode 5. If you checked out last weeks article its not clear if we will see a season 2 of Tales from the Borderlands.  A thing that we did learn from last weeks resource is that telltale did want to provide strong characters that Gearbox could use in future projects.

Rhys and Fiona in the Next Borderlands

ADAM SARASOHN (producer/executive producer, episodes 1–5)
The hope was, with Fiona, with Rhys, we wanted to essentially hand back to Gearbox fully-fleshed out, heroic characters that they could then use in Borderlands 3 and beyond.

LAURA BAILEY (Voice of Fiona)
[I had] no idea. I would have been more nervous had I known it could lead to potential future games as well.

ANTHONY BURCH (writer, episodes 3–5; also Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel)
I really hope they show up in some way.

LAURA BAILEY (Voice of Fiona)
I think she is fully ready to go for it.

In this panel the voice actor of Fiona, Laura Bailey, did mention that she is always looking for  new roles that provide a character that is as strong and diverse as Fiona. So Laura is up for it, but what are your thoughts about this topic.

Do you want to see Rhys and Fiona make a return in the upcoming Borderlands game, let me know in the comments below.

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