Character Profile

Axton is the Commando class in Borderlands 2. He is able to deploy a turret onto the battlefield to help him during combat. The turret is great for solo and co-op play as it will draw aggro from enemies. Axton is good with all guns and is able to access in assault rifles and explosive weaponry.

Action Skill

Sabre Turret: Axton is able to deploy a versatile Dahl Sabre Turret, a mounted gun featuring 360° rotation that can be upgraded with many weapons and abilities. The turret’s duration is 20 seconds and its cooldown is 42 seconds.

Skill Tree Overview

  • Guerilla
    • The Guerrilla tree focuses on getting Axton into the fight and improves the Sabre Turrets ability to perform continuous high damage attacks.
  • Gunpowder
    • The Gunpowder tree focuses more heavily on medium range explosives and weapon damage. Improves many of Axton’s offensive combat stats, and improves the turret mostly as a tactical deploy/distraction.
  • Survival
    • The Survival tree focuses on defensive stat boosts and abilities, using the turret frequently, and pulling Axton back from the brink of death.

Axton skill tree builder


  • Character Traits: Determined, Deadly, Dickish
  • Planet of Origins: Hieronymous
  • He spent 10 years with the Dahl military force
  • During his time in the Dahl military force Axton reaching the rank of sergeant.


After Axton’s pursuit of personal glory and disregard for orders, which led to numerous compromised missions, his wife and commanding officer Sarah simultaneously divorced him and discharged him from the military. She made it a point to highlight that this would lead to his death by firing squad, then ordered him not to flee to any of the numerous border worlds beyond Dahl’s reach. Taking her not-so-subtle suggestion, Axton went AWOL, using his skills and turret as a mercenary on other planets.

Axton became aware of the Vault thanks to a radio advertisement orchestrated by Handsome Jack, who had been monitoring the Commando’s most recent bounty hunt. Although Axton was turning in more bounties and making far more money than anyone else in Sheriff Youngblood’s jurisdiction, he found that it was too easy, and the lure of fame, fortune, and challenging combat drew him to Pandora.


  • Axton’s ex-wife Sarah was also his former commanding officer, and Axton wears her dog tag and wedding band.
  • Axton is wanted for war crimes, and the bounty on his head is $5,000,000,000, which is the lowest among the six playable Vault Hunters in Borderlands 2.
  • Axton has a dislike of cats.
  • Although Axton’s sexuality has had controversy, Axton is officially bisexual.
  • Axton was to be executed by a firing squad, avoiding the execution only because he went AWOL and went to Pandora.
  • If Axton is the chosen as the starting character, an ECHO log will be in the inventory about Axton and his wife, Sarah. It plays the dialogue between them of Sarah discharging Axton from the military and suggesting that he go AWOL to the border worlds. She also gave him back her wedding ring, saying she never liked diamonds.
  • When Axton deploys his Sabre Turret, he sometimes addresses it with pet names such as “sweetie”, “honey”, “the Mrs.”, or his “girlfriend”.
  • Axton’s quote “throwing a masher” is a reference to the nickname of the German Model 24 grenade “the potato masher”.
  • Axton’s quote “oscar-mike” is a phonetic alphabet delivery of the letter “O” and “M”. This a military acronym used most often by infantrymen meaning ‘on the move’.
  • Axton’s Class Mod is represented by the device mounted on his right shoulder.
  • Axton apparently has had a dispute with Tiny Tina, having said some things that made her throw dynamite at him.

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