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Gaige the Mechromancer - Borderlands 2

Gaige is one of the playable characters in Borderlands 2. She’s on the run from the Eden-6 police as her high school science project killed her classmate. Gaige’s robot was designed to protect others from bullies but excitedly blew up her classmate after she pushed Gaige. After landing on Pandora, she stowed away on a train leading to Windshear Waste.

Gaige is the Mechromancer class of the game. She was the first DLC character and features skills that could help new FPS players on their way. She is able to summon a giant robot called Deathtrap. Her mechanical companion can slash enemies to bits or burn them with his laser eye.

Gaige’s Action Skill

Gaige’s action skill is called “Deathtrap” which allows her to summons her robotic combat companion. When deployed, Deathtrap will attack the closest enemy with whatever skills you have equipped him with.

Deathtrap is especially effective at decimating ground hostiles and can act as a distraction to draw enemy fire from you and your crew. Don’t count him out in an air fight, his laser attack and flight capabilities come in handy for aerial combat. 

Deathtrap stays on the battlefield for 60 seconds and has a 60-second base cooldown

Gaige’s Skill Tree Overview

Borderlands 2 Gaige Skill Tree
Borderlands 2 Gaige Skill Tree
Best Friends ForeverGreenThe Best Friends Forever tree focuses on survival and good boosts for both Gaige and Deathtrap.
Little Big TroubleBlueThe Little Big Trouble tree focuses on elemental effects and damage, favoring Shock damage out of the four elements available. It also adds some elemental power to Deathtrap, in the form of high-powered heat beams, shock blasts, and, later on, even the ability to mimic the element of any weapon Gaige shoots him with.
Ordered ChaosRedThe Ordered Chaos tree focuses on Anarchy, which increases damage but decreases accuracy.

Gaige Skill Tree Calculator

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