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Maya the Siren - Borderlands 2

Maya is one of the playable characters in Borderlands 2. The Order of the Impending Storm helped her train her mystical powers, however, while she was presented as a goddess and savior on her home planet Athena, she soon learned that she was being used to control the people of Athena. Maya traveled to Pandora to discover more about her Siren lineage.

Maya is the Siren class of the game. She is able to Placelock enemies and stuns them at their current position. Maya’s gameplay is more active due to her action skill. While her Phaselock ability is pretty powerful, it, however, doesn’t last very long.

The upside is that Maya’s action skill has a short cooldown, which lets you use it quite often. So if you like an action-packed solo experience Maya has an aggressive playstyle. When you like to play co-op then Maya is also a great buddy to have around as she has the ability to keep the team’s health up and revive others at a distance.

Maya can excel with submachine guns and her “Cloud Kill” Skill is really beneficial.

Maya’s Action Skill

Maya’s Action skill is called Phaselock, with this ability, she is able to suspend foes in another dimension. This can lock an opponent in stasis and can be upgraded to provide various damaging effects. This skill is useful for crowd control in both co-op and single-player modes. Repeatedly Phaselocking the same enemy results in diminishing returns. Base Cooldown is 13 seconds, base Duration is 5 seconds.

Maya’s Skill Tree Overview

Borderlands 2 Maya Skill Tree
Borderlands 2 Maya Skill Tree
MotionGreenThe Motion tree focuses on crowd control, defense-based skills, and allowing her to brainwash enemies into fighting each other.
HarmonyBlueThe Harmony tree focuses on healing abilities for herself and her teammates while providing some benefits to Maya’s DPS.
CataclysmRedThe Cataclysm tree focuses on elemental effects.

Maya Skill Tree Calculator

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