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Zero is the Assassin class in Borderlands 2. He is able to cloak himself and deploy a decoy on to the battlefield. If you like stabbing enemies in the back or sniping them from distance then Zero is your man.

Action Skill

Decepti0n: Zer0’s action skill grants him the ability to deploy a holographic decoy of himself and enter an invisible “stealth mode.” While cloaked, he can maneuver about the battlefield dealing amplified damage on his next attack. The longer Zer0 stays cloaked, the more damage he can inflict to enemies; however, the shorter Zer0 stays cloaked, the sooner he is able to use the skill again. Zer0 does not enter a separate dimension like Lilith when she Phasewalks, and can still take damage from all sources while cloaked.

Decepti0n has a base cooldown of 15 seconds and gives up to +650% Melee Damage or +200% Gun Damage and +250% Gun Critical Hit Damage.

Skill Tree Overview

  • Sniping
    • The Sniping tree focuses on guns, particularly sniper rifles, as well as critical hits.
  • Cunning
    • The Cunning tree focuses on improving Decepti0n, and abilities that benefit both ranged and melee combat.
  • Bloodshed
    • The Bloodshed tree focuses on melee attacks.

Zero’s skill tree builder


  • Height: .0193 Hectometers
  • Age: ???
  • Favorite Color: (none)
  • Allegiances: ???
  • Planet of Origin: ???
  • Likes: Long-range combat, Close-range combat, melee combat.
  • Dislikes: Excessive use of question marks.


Zer0 is an assassin for hire. According to his wanted poster and his personal ECHO recordings, he performs both political assassinations and common hits. Following a particularly unsatisfying assassination where the target fails to fight back, despite being encouraged by Zer0 to do so, the assassin starts to look for a more challenging environment. He travels to Pandora after hearing of the Vault from a bartender, deeming the hunt as worthy of his skills.

As his face and body are completely covered by his suit, a certain amount of mystery surrounds Zer0’s true appearance. In an ECHO recording, Angel remarks that she’s not even sure if Zer0 is human; both in-game and promotional material shows that he has only four digits on each hand. His origins and real name are also unknown, leaving the character shrouded in mystery.

As revealed in the “Ask Dr. Tannis” Section of the Pandoran Gazette, included as a scrap of paper in the Diamond Plate Loot chest, Zer0 is not his true name. The remaining piece of scrap containing the name and gender of Zer0 was not included, but the part that does remain suggests that Patricia Tannis is aware of Zer0’s origins.


  • Gearbox concept designer, Scott Kester, credits Zer0’s inspiration to “loner characters” like Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe and Gray Fox from the Metal Gear video game series.
  • Most of Zer0’s dialogue is spoken in haiku, which is noted once by Handsome Jack in an ECHO recorder.
  • Zer0’s version of the “Slayer of Terramorphous” class mod was once bugged, providing a bonus to one of another playable character’s, Salvador, the Gunzerker class, skills. It has since been fixed in a patch.
  • When using the Handsome Jack Voice Modulator, Zer0 will become far less talkative. Many of his lines are replaced with lines that are cut short as though Zer0 was about to say something, heard his own voice, and decided against it.
  • Zer0’s wanted poster has the code 000 000 000 HSP, the joke being that the entire numerical code is just 0s, as part of a running gag Zer0 has with the respective number, along with other jokes in other areas.
  • The line, “This is the story / All about how my life got / Flipped, turned upside-down.” from killing an enemy by running them over is a reference to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Airs intro song.
  • Zer0’s line when entering Decepti0n, “How hilarious / You just set off my trap card / Your death approaches.” is a reference to Yu-Gi-Oh, where a trap card would be used in response to another player’s actions.
  • In Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre, the reward head for Zer0 shows a robotic eye in his shattered helmet. A promotional description stated “it should be said that his new head is named ‘N0t C4n0n’ for a reason,” keeping Zer0’s true race a mystery.
  • Zer0 speaks in a completely different voice in Episode 5 of Tales from the Borderlands, using a less husky, more formal-sounding voice. This new voice has been widely criticized for being a rather unfitting change.

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