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Zero the Assassin - Borderlands 2

Zero is one of the playable characters in Borderlands 2. He is a mysterious character as his origins and real name are also unknown. Zer0 has traveled to Pandora after hearing about the Vault as his latest assassination left him unsatisfied and deeming the hunt for the Vault worthy of his skills.

Zer0 is the Assassin class of the game. He is able to cloak himself and deploy a decoy onto the battlefield. If you like stabbing enemies in the back or sniping them from a distance then Zero is your man. He might be one of the more difficult characters to master but once you do, you can do some crazy stuff.

Zer0’s Action Skill

Zer0’s action skill is called “Decepti0n” and grants him the ability to deploy a holographic decoy of himself and enter an invisible “stealth mode.” While cloaked, he can maneuver about the battlefield dealing amplified damage on his next attack. The longer Zer0 stays cloaked, the more damage he can inflict on his enemies; however, the shorter Zer0 stays cloaked, the sooner he is able to use the skill again.

Zer0 does not enter a separate dimension like Lilith when she Phasewalks, and can still take damage from all sources while cloaked.

Decepti0n has a base cooldown of 15 seconds and gives up to +650% Melee Damage or +200% Gun Damage and +250% Gun Critical Hit Damage.

Zer0’s Skill Tree Overview

Borderlands 2 Zero Skill Tree
Borderlands 2 Zero Skill Tree
SnipingGreenThe Sniping tree focuses on guns, particularly sniper rifles, as well as critical hits.
CunningBlueThe Cunning tree focuses on improving Decepti0n, and abilities that benefit both ranged and melee combat.
BloodshedRedThe Bloodshed tree focuses on melee attacks.

Zero’s Skill Tree Calculator

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