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Maurice’s Community Carnage Challenges

Borderlands 3 - Maurice's Community Carnage
Borderlands 3 - Maurice's Community Carnage

Let the Carnage Begin!

Maurice desires your assistance for a community challenge where you and your fellow Vault Hunters will collaborate on a carnage, for “science” of course. As you assist Maurice with his studies of humanity’s strange ways, you are able to unlock wildlife-themed heads for each of the Vault Hunters.

Maurice’s Community Carnage Challenges starts on October 14 at 9:00 AM PT and will kick off the first of four community challenge events. You can simply jump in the game and participate as your contribution toward the common goal will automatically be registered.

Check out the challenges, progress, and rewards below.

Community Challenges


Maurice needs body parts rich with Traunt Family DNA for, uh… research. Kill Captain Traunt, General Traunt, and Captain Haunt a collective total of 500,000 times to keep Maurice’s organ stash overflowing.


I will receive stats around 10 am PT each day.  



Ratch Rider Head Unlocked


BL3 - Carnage Challenge 2

While studying the human custom of ‘long-distance relationships,’ Maurice assumed it meant using a sniper rifle to pop your target’s head like a grape from over 50 yards. Instead of correcting Maurice and making him feel embarrassed in front of the entire Sanctuary III crew, get out there and kill a collective total of 20,000,000 enemies using only sniper rifles

complete / 20,000,000
  • I will receive stats around 10 am PT each day.  
  • Sniper Kill Count from Day 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10
Pro Tips
  • Action skill end, gain 50% bonus ele damage anoints.
  • On Grenades and shields, do NOT count as sniper damage.
  • Shortfuse does NOT count.
  • Skag den does NOT count.
  • Big surplus does NOT count.
  • Zane’s Clone can score Sniper Kills with Double Barrel
  • Jakobs Sniper Ricochets count as Sniper Kills
  • Headsplosion counts as Sniper Kills
  • Avoid Snipers that deal a lot of elemental Damage over Time. If the DoT kills the enemy it doesn’t count as a sniper kill.
  • Complex Root does count for kills when one of the projectiles gets the kill. DoT doesn’t count.
  • Bird of Prey special effect counts as a sniper kill
  • Broken Heart Day Event HEarts do NOT count as a kill
  • Storm effect doesn’t seem to count, but the main projectile does
  • Boogeyman Skulls DO NOT count
  • Ties That Bind does not work
  • Fl4ks robot using the sniper also counts too


Saurian Synth Vault Hunter Head


BL3 - Traunt Family Revenge

The Traunt Family isn’t pleased with what you did during week 1 of Maurice’s Community Carnage Challenge. That is why they are hijacking this week for a rematch but beware Vault Hunter, the Traunt family has leveled up and achieved RAID BOSS status. Go tell them who is boss and take their loot.

During this ‘Revenge of the Traunt Family’ Event, you are able to get the best versions possible of their dedicated loot and on top of that, the Bloody Harvest Loot is added to their Loot Pools.

BL3 - Carnage Challenge - Totally Takedowns

The concept of ‘teamwork’ intrigues Maurice, who has never known the joy of eviscerating hordes of enemies and defeating difficult bosses in a full party of four. Let Maurice live vicariously through your exceedingly violent actions by collectively completing Takedown missions a total of 65,000 times, whether that’s the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite or the Takedown at the Guardian Breach.

  • Targets: Complete Maliwan or Guardian Takedown
  • Goal: 65.000
  • Time: Nov 4, 2021
65,000 / 65,000
  • I will receive stats around 10 am PT each day.  
  • Challenges don’t end after a week, they stay active until completed.
Pro Tips


Skagwave Vault Hunter Head



You’ve done so much for Maurice already, and he’s grateful for your continued support and friendship. The Saurian sweetheart has just one last request: wreak utter havoc on his behalf. Kill a collective total of 200,000,000 enemies in Mayhem Mode 10 (not 11) and collectively make an amount of mayhem the likes of which the universe has never witnessed before. So many Vault Hunters working together towards such a noble goal… it brings a tear to all four of Maurice’s scale-encircled eyes.

  • Targets: Kill  any enemy on Mayhem Mode 10 (Not 11)
  • Goal: 200,000,000 enemies
  • Time: Nov 11, 2021
  • I will receive stats around 10 am PT each day.  
Pro Tips


Arachnoir Vault Hunter Head


The Hunt 2021 Winter Edition
The Hunt Winter Edition

A winter edition of The  Hunt is about to happen. Maurice would appreciate it if you would participate and help out the young warmbloods.

  • Targets: Farm Legendary Items
  • Goal: Save the Kids
  • Time: Dec 3, 2021

Redeem Shift Codes in-Game, at the Borderlands Site, or at SHiFT.

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