Amara – the Siren

Amara the Siren - Borderlands 3 Character
Amara the Siren - Borderlands 3 Character


  • Name: Amara
  • Tag: The Siren
  • Class: Siren
  • Action Skill: Siren Powers


Amara, the Siren, is one of the playable characters in Borderlands 3. According to the rumors she has multiple Siren powers and we can spot a few of them in the announcement trailer. The obvious one is the transformation that shows Amara having multiple arms. The rumor mentioned Amara was going to be melee focused. This looks to be a Berserk mode like Brick had in Borderlands (1), only now you have multiple arms for maximum fury. We see Amara perform a powerful melee strike that launches enemies back. We can also see Amara use a phase-lock ability similar to Maya from Borderlands 2, however, instead of an orb capturing the enemies, now a hand emerges from the ground and locks them in. There is also a brief moment were you can she Amara jumping through the air like she is ready to smash everything in her landing zone. This reminds me of Attikus from Battleborn, he also had a skill that’s called ‘Pounce’, this lets him jump through the air and deal massive damage and stun enemies in his target zone. The rumors also mentioned a self-projection ability, however, we also see the Operative use a holographic decoy in the trailer. Therefore I wonder if Amara will have a similar ability. We do see her send out a projection of herself in one of the trailers that quickly explodes into this shock nova. So is it a decoy or just an attack with splash damage?