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Amara “the Siren” Changelog

Here are all the changes Gearbox Software made to Amara "the Siren" since the launch of Borderlands 3

Patch – November 18, 2021

  • Updated Amara the Siren’s Expedite skill to prevent some situations where it was not casting correctly

Patch – April 8, 2021

  • Updated Amara the Siren’s Phasegrasp skill to correctly activate when doing damage in situations where it cannot grab enemies (like bosses)
  • Updated the Siren’s Phaseflare Orb to activate properly when aiming at the ground, using an Action Skill, and switching weapons at the same time
  • Modified the Siren’s Remnant skill projectile to have its own damage source
  • Updated the Remnant skill to only allow gun and Action Skill damage to pass through in a Remnant Orb, to match the item card

Hotfix – April 1, 2021

  • Increased the damage done by skills using the Siren’s Phasecast and Phaseslam:
  • Phasecast – Cast damage increased by 5%
  • Deliverance bonus increased by 5%
  • Reverberation bonuses increased by 10%
  • Tandava bonus damage increased by 10%
  • Phaseslam – Slam damage increased by 10%
  • Fracture damage bonus increased to 35%
  • Downfall bonus increased to 10%

Based on community feedback, we are adding some power back into Amara’s Action Skills to offset some of the damage that has been removed from specific pieces of gear. We’ll continue to monitor her and will make more changes as needed.

Patch – November 9, 2020

Certain types of damage were unintentionally being passed to other enemies caught in the Siren’s Phasegrasp. This change prevents those interactions, but no other changes have been made to this skill. A previous hotfix did not address all the issues discovered and this solution is a more robust, permanent solution.

  • Updated Ties that Bind to only pass weapon and melee damage to enemies
  • Weapon Anointments that increase weapon or melee damage after Phaseslam now properly increases damage
  • Updated Muse Class Mod to prevent double-dipping on damage modifiers

Patch – June 25, 2020

  • Changed damage source for Remnant, Short Fuse, Indiscriminate, Do Unto Others, and Ties That Bind to address that they “double-dip” and scale inappropriately at higher Mayhem levels

Patch – April 23, 2020

  • Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s character model would remain in the Blitz animation after activating it
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s Sustainment skill would not work while Infusion was active when using normal bullet damage
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s Fracture skill did not trigger Phaseslam anointed parts
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s Indiscriminate skill would reflect Torgue projectiles nearby when the Siren damaged herself with it
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s Helping Hands passive skill did not reset the duration if it will still active when the Action Skill came off cool down
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s Remnant passive skill did not function after killing an anointed enemy
  • Addressed a reported concern that the elemental projectiles from the Siren’s Deliverance skill would not always seek out enemies
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Siren’s Glamour Glamour skill would cause confused enemies to become immune and change allegiance

Patch – December 12, 2019

  • Addressed a reported concern that Amara’s “Indiscriminate” skill could sometimes create lots of ricochet bullets when firing the Legendary Maliwan Shotgun “Projectile Recursion”

Hotfix – October 10, 2019

We addressed a concern that Alacrity was only rewarding players one point worth of bonuses even if the player put in more than one point. In addition, we wanted Phasegrasp to be more accessible to all weapon types and play styles, so we doubled the range to grasp an enemy.

  • Putting points into Alacrity now awards a reload speed bonus per rank
  • Phasegrasp can now be used on targets further away and the cooldown is now instantly returned if a player misses

Hotfix – October 3, 2019

  • Amara’s Glamour will now turn enemies on each other, as described in the Action Skill

Hotfix – September 27, 2019

  • Guardian Angel health restoration reduced from 100% to 50%
  • Glamour damage penalty reduced from -30% to -10%

More Changes

This was just the changelog for Amara the “Siren”. Go here if you want to see the full changelog of Borderlands 3.

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