Moze – The Gunner

Moze the Bot Jock - Borderlands 3 Character
Moze the Gunner - Borderlands 3 Character


  • Name: Moze
  • Tag: The Gunner
    • Previously known as: The Bot Jock
  • Class: Soldier/Gunner
  • Action Skill: Iron Bear Mech


Moze, The Gunner (previously known as the Bot Jock) is one of the playable characters in Borderlands 3. Moze is the soldier class of the game.  Her action skill is the Iron Bear Mech, this robot will digi-struct around Moze. This is a big step up from the stationary turrets we have seen in Borderlands 1 and 2. Moze will have a co-op focused skill tree which will allow a co-op buddy to climb on the titan and control its mounted turret (3rd person mode?).


We see indications that the other Vault Hunters have multiple skills. For Moze, we are currently still seeing only seeing the Mech. That said we do see the Mech with different equipment in various shots. Does this mean that she will have multiple Mechs to choose from? An all-around version, one that’s lightweight and fast but has less armor, and the last one is slow and heavy but is very powerful.

If we compare Moze’s Mech with Axton’s Turret (Borderlands 2), the different weaponry on Moze’s Mech could be done in a similar fashion as Axton’s Turret, each skill tree could have various game changer skills that enable special abilities. Axton could invest in skills that would double the number of guns or added rocket pods to the turret.

In the Mask of Mayhem artwork, we could spot Moze’s Mech with an additional set of arms, finger guns. If we check the screenshots, I don’t see these finger guns on the Mech at this moment. Does this mean the finger guns are a serious skill upgrade?

In one of the screenshots, we see Moze outside of her Mech. Does this mean the Mech can operate on its own or is there something different to it?

Moze seems to have a high affiliation with the Vladof weapon manufacturer. You can see the Vladof color scheme in conjunction with the white star symbol. The Vladof logo can also be spotted on the Mech itself. This gives me the impression that Moze will also have a Russian-like persona since Vladof is also presented to that stereotype. In Hollywood movies, Russian women are often portraited as strong female characters. While with movies it seems to be a relatively new trend to have strong female leads, Gearbox has been doing this with their games for a long time. They always have a very inclusive character roster.