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Moze “the Gunner” Changelog

Here are all the changes Gearbox Software made to Moze "the Gunner" since the launch of Borderlands 3

Patch – April 8, 2021

  • Updated Moze the Gunner’s Harmonious Havoc ability to award the proper amount of damage after entering FFYL

Hotfix – April 1, 2021

  • Decreased the damage bonus on the Gunner’s Short Fuse skill from 75% to 50%

Hotfix – July 2, 2020

  • Updated the Gunner’s Molten Roar’s skill card to include text for its 100% damage boost to the Salamander Thrower and remove the listed fuel penalty
  • The plus sign for the damage on Gunner’s Hammerdown Protocol has been removed
  • Updated the Gunner’s Target Softening skill description to list the 50% magazine penalty for Vanquisher
  • Updated the Gunner’s Active Tracking skill description to list the magazine size
  • Updated the Gunner’s Shockhammer skill description to list the reduction to Bear Fist base damage

Patch – June 25, 2020

  • Added the ability for Iron Bear to support damage scaling
  • Changed damage source for Remnant, Short Fuse, Indiscriminate, Do Unto Others, and Ties That Bind to address that they “double-dip” and scale inappropriately at higher Mayhem levels

Patch – April 23, 2020

During our investigations into Moze’s viability, we determined a handful of changes that we were unable to include as a hotfix and are now included into today’s patch. Specifically, we’ve made some changes to allow a few of her skills to regenerate health, or her shields. We’ve also increased the damage output of a few skills.

Dakka Bear –  When a player is in the gunner’s nest, Iron Bear’s weapons and turret will now deal increase damage
Force Feedback – Added an instant 10% shield restore on top of immediately beginning shield recharging
Rushin Offensive – Added to skill: While sprinting, the Gunner also steals health with her weapons
Redistribution – Adds health regeneration as well as ammo regen after crit
Scrappy – Adds weapon damage to the skill
Torgue Cross-Promotion – Skill also now increases splash damage
Vladoff Ingenuity – Skill also now provides a shield regen rate bonus

  • Addressed a reported concern that the Gunner could sometimes be ejected from Iron Bear when another player Fast Travels in the same map
  • Addressed a reported concern that shields were no longer regenerating when the Terrified health regeneration anointed part was activated with the Bloodletter Class Mod on the Gunner
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Gunner could escape the map by activating Iron Bear just before reaching a kill volume
  • Addressed a reported concern where the Forge capstone ability for the Gunner would not fill up the user’s magazine when the reserve ammo is filled up after firing the weapon
  • Addressed a reported concern that the bubble shield was not consistently activating when ejecting the Iron Bear before the shield was deployed while using the Security Bear and Auto Bear skills
  • Addressed a reported concern that the normal melee attack while in the Iron Bear did not launch explosive barrels

Hotfix – April 9, 2020

As we mentioned during last week’s hotfix, we are continuing to work on improving the Gunner’s survivability and Iron Bear’s viability in higher levels of Mayhem. This week brings another set of hotfixes to Moze’s skills based on our investigations. The below notes list the numbers as they will be changed on the skill descriptions.

  • Explosive Punctuation: Increased the cooldown rate awarded to 8%
  • Hammerdown Protocol: Increased the damage output to 600% and reduced the reload time
  • Click, Click…: Increased damage bonus from 12/24/36% to 20/40/60%
  • Specialist Bear: Increased the damage from +25% to +60%

Iron Bear Weapons

  • Increased the base damage of the Salamander Flame Thrower
  • Increased Chemical Warfare’s Melt Damage to 125%
  • Increased the base damage of the Railgun
  • Reduced Capacitive Armature’s damage reduction from -75% to -30%
  • Reduced Corrosive Sabot Round’s damage reduction from -50% to -15%
  • Increased Shockhammer’s Shock Damage to 60% of damage dealt

Hotfix – April 2, 2020

We have been taking a closer at Moze the last few weeks. Here at the first set of hotfixes based on those investigations, primarily focused on improving her survivability. We will be further addressing some areas we identified as trouble spots for her in the future.

  • Reduced the cooldown time for Iron Bear
  • Increased the amount of fuel for Iron Bear
  • Increased the bonus on “Behind the Iron Curtain” skill
  • Increased the bonus on “Security Bear” skill
  • Increased the bonus on “Experimental Munitions” skill

Hotfix – March 12, 2020

  • Removed the Gunner’s “General Winter” minigun damage penalty and Cryo penalty.
  • Adjusted the Gunner’s “Exploding. Bullets.” skill to match the current damage output, which was sometimes higher than stated on the skill description

Patch – December 12, 2019

  • Addressed a reported concern that Moze’s “Stainless Steel Bear” skill would sometimes not award the damage bonus to Iron Bear
  • Addressed a reported concern that Moze would occasionally be ejected from Iron Bear immediately after entering it

Patch – November 21, 2019

  • Iron Bear Damage increased per level, to a total of just under 150% at max level
  • Desperate Measures now gives Iron Bear the bonus too
  • Experimental Munitions – Iron Bear also deals bonus fire damage on critical hits
  • Scorching RPM’s also grants increased Hard Point damage by 5% per level
  • Vampyr – When Iron Bear deals area damage, Iron Bear receives half the healing bonus
  • Iron Bear now launches barrels when the player melees them
  • Increased Iron Bear Bubble Shield from 20% to 50% of Moze’s health

Hotfix – October 17, 2019

The current state of Moze’s Iron Bear have made players focus on other elements besides those Vault Hunter’s fundamental action skills in the late game. While longer-term solutions to scaling their damage is explored, we have boosted the health of Iron Bear, the Digi-Clone, and the pets to make them more viable. We will have more to say about long term solutions for these characters in the future.

  • Iron Bear: health increased by 50%

Hotfix – October 10, 2019

The Bloodletter class mod was creating some overwhelming synergies for Moze so we increased the delay and decreased the recharge rate of the shield to compensate.  This should help encourage the intended use of this class mod, which is to heal shields manually, not automatically. Means of Destruction’s re-trigger delay was adjusted again because the change limited other builds beyond creating infinite grenades. The infinite grenade bug will be addressed in a future patch but we wanted to enable other builds that use Means of Destruction so we dramatically reduced the re-trigger delay to a reasonable number.

  • Bloodletter Class Mod
    – Increased the Recharge Delay by 150%
    – Reduced the Recharge Rate by 50%
  • Addressed a reported bug with Close the Distance so the Action Skill Augment will now deal the intended Shock Damage
  • Means of Destruction now has a re-trigger delay of 0.3 seconds

Hotfix – October 3, 2019

Infinite Grenades is not an intentional build for Moze—even if it is hilarious. To lower the power (and spam) of this build, a re-trigger delay has been added to the grenade portion of Means of Destruction.

  • Means of Destruction now has a re-trigger delay of 2 seconds

More Changes

This was just the changelog for Moze “the Gunner”. Go here if you want to see the full changelog of Borderlands 3.

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