Zane “the Operative” Changelog

Here are all the changes Gearbox Software made to Zane "the Operative" since the launch of Borderlands 3

Patch – December 12, 2019

  • Addressed a reported concern that Zane’s “Quick Breather” skill was sometimes not functioning
  • Addressed a reported concern that Zane’s “Schadenfreude” skill would sometimes not award the player Shield restoration
  • Addressed a reported concern that Zane’s “Praemunitus” skill would sometimes not award the proper size clip on the first clip of the weapon the Digiclone is spawned with

Patch – November 21, 2019

  • SNTL damage scale increased by 2% per level
  • Donnybrook, Pocket Full of Grenades, Cool Hand, Violent Violence, and Violent Speed bonuses now stack twice
  • Fixed Violent Momentum to scale more at higher movement speeds
  • Best Served Cold radius and damage increased by 2% per level
  • Confident Confidence increased max weapon damage bonus from 20% to 35%
  • Changed Trick of the Light element to Cryo and increased bonus from 18% to 36%
  • Borrowed Time duration increased from 15% to 30% per active skill
  • Double Barrel‘s bonus increased from 20% to 25%
  • Quick Breather now restores 50% of the clone’s health after a swap
  • Pocket Full of Grenades bonus slightly decreased from 6.5% to 5% as it now stacks
  • Violent Violence bonus slightly decreased from 4% to 3% as it now stacks

Hotfix – October 17, 2019

The current state of Zane’s Digi-Clone have made players focus on other elements besides those Vault Hunter’s fundamental action skills in the late game. While longer term solutions to scaling their damage is explored, we have boosted the health of Iron Bear, the Digi-Clone, and the pets to make them more viable. We will have more to say about long term solutions for these characters in the future.

  • Digi-Clone: health increased by 100%
  • Included a modification so that Zane’s Digi-Clone will no longer spawn into the cage in Cistern of Slaughter

Hotfix – October 10, 2019

  • Death Follows Close will correctly update several Kill Skills after unlocking this ability
  • Anointed Parts: When Zane swaps positions with his Digi-Clone, the damage gained is increased to 130% (up from 75%)

Hotfix – October 3, 2019

  • Adjusted the cooldown values when they are displayed for Zane’s skills

Hotfix – September 27, 2019

Zane’s gadgets were great at providing additional utility but lacked impact as players leveled up. We increased the Digi-Clone damage with all equipped weapons so the skill can scale better with players as they get to higher levels and harder content. The Drone requires a lot of player involvement to take full advantage of its damage output and increasing the base damage as well as the augments will greatly increase the Drone’s versatility and reward players even more for using it effectively.

  • Digi-Clone Damage Increased by 38%
  • Drone Damage increased by 50%
    • Cryo Bullets damage penalty removed
    • Drone Rocket damage increased by 50%
    • Almighty Ordnance Rockets damage increased by 75%

More Changes

This was just the changelog for Zane “the Operative”. Go here if you want to see the full changelog of Borderlands 3.