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Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Characters

Overview of all the Borderlands the Pre-Sequel playable characters.  Learn more about the playable Vault Hunters; Athena, Nisha, Jack, Wilhelm, Claptrap, and Aurelia.

Choose Your Vault Hunter

Character Classes

  • Athena the Gladiator
    • Athena is an assassin for hire. She uses her action skill, the Kinetic Aspis, a shield which she can use too protect herself from incoming enemy fire. All the damage that you collect with the Aspis, you will be able too trow that back towards your enemy.
  • Nisha the Lawbringer
    • Nisha is a gunslinger. Her action skill is called ‘showdown’, which is basically an Aimbot.  Showdown comes with a bunch of weapon boosts, this way she can clearout a room in a blink of an eye.
  • Wilhelm the Enforcer
    • Become a cyborg powered by hyperion tech. Wilhelm has 2 hyperion surveyor drones at his disposal as his action skill.  His drones are called Wolf and Saint, these will aid you in your fight.
  • Claptrap the Fragtrap
    • Are you sure you want to play as Claptrap? Claptrap’s action skill is called “vaulthunter.exe”. This malware tries to imitate action skills from other Vault Hunters and throws some weird things into the mix.
  • Jack the Doppelganger(DLC)
    • Play as Handsome Jack’s body double. To make things more confusing his action skill is called  Expandable Assets. This digi-structs two  digi-jacks that fight alongside him. Prepare to create some mayhem!
  • Aurelia the Baroness(DLC)
    • Aurelia is the sister of  the wildlife hunter Sir Hammerlock  from Borderlands 2. She got bored of riding a hoverbike down the endless halls of her turbomansion and made her way to Elpis. Lady Hammerlock’s action skill is named  Cold As Ice. This will let  her throw out a Frost Diadem Shard that seeks out enemies.


  • Action Skill
    • Each Vault Hunter has a unique action skill. This special ability gives them an edge in battle. In previous Borderlands game you gained access to your action skill at level 5. With Borderlands the Pre-Sequel you will have access to your action skill at level 3. Because RPG elements in Shooters is more common these days the tutorial segment has been shortend.
  • Skill Trees
    • Each character class has 3 different skill trees which you can spec into. By leveling up, you will earn skill points which you can use to upgrade your character. By combining various skills you can create your ultimate Vault Hunter.
  • Low Oxygen/Gravity Envoirements
    • One of the new mechanics in Borderlands the Pre-Sequel is oxygen. By having areas that have oxygen and areas that don’t have oxygen, you will encounter two different environments. The low oxygen areas also has lower gravity, which allows you to jump extreme distances.
  • Buttslam
    • New to the Borderlands franchise is the buttslam. When you jump in the air you will be able to perform a slam. By pressing the crough button in mid-air your character will slam down and damage enemies within your vicinity.  You can augment your Buttslam by equiping Oz-Kits.
  • Character Customization
    • You can customize your character by selecting an unique Head or Skin. You can earn these cosmatic items by simply playing the game.

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