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Mordecai the Hunter

Borderlands - Mordecai Profile Card

About Mordecai

Mordecai is one of the playable characters in Borderlands (1). This Vault Hunter is the Hunter class of the game as he specializes in Pistols and Snipers.

Mordecai is originally from Artemis, and at the age of 17, Mordecai won an interplanetary sharpshooting competition with a revolver. The other competitors, all of whom were using sniper rifles, accused him of cheating and eventually got him banned from the competition for “unsportsmanlike conduct,” although many witnesses noted that he did not display any unsportsmanlike behavior until after the accusations began. He now travels from planet to planet with his trusty companion Bloodwing, searching for “everything this freaking universe owes me,” which Mordecai has defined as a better gun and unlimited cash. It is also revealed in one of his voice lines in Borderlands 3, that he has an older sibling, although not much is known about them.

In-Game Description

Mordecai’s Action Skill

Mordecai’s action skill is called “Bloodwing”, which allows you to send out your pet companion to attack an enemy. While it initially attacks a single target, you can increase that number by leveling up the Rogue Skill Tree.

  • Cooldown: 28 seconds

Mordecai’s Skill Tree Overview

Overview of Mordecai's Skill Tree in Borderlands (1)
SniperBlueSniper Rifle focused talent tree
RogueRedAction Skill focused talent tree
GunslingerGreenPistol focused talent tree

Mordecai Screenshots

Mordecai ‘the Hunter’ Wallpapers

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