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Banshee – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Boss Guide

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Boss - Banshee
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Boss - Banshee

Boss Description

Banshee is the third main Boss that you encounter in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. You are confronted with her at the end of the fourth main quest, “Thy Bard, With a Vengeance”. You are looking for Mr. Torgue to bless your boat so you can cross the ocean.

Where is Banshee located?

You can find Banshee in the Heart of the Forest at the end of Weepwild Dankness. Use the Corrupted Heart Fast Travel Location.Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Boss - Banshee Location

Which Legendaries does Banshee Drop?

You can farm Banshee for these legendary items as she is the dedicated loot source for the AUTOMAGIC.exe, Wailing Banshee, and the Twister.

Loot LuckDrop Chance
Loot LuckDrop Chance
Loot LuckDrop Chance

How to Defeat Banshee

Banshee has a Red Health bar and is therefore weak against Fire Damage.

Banshee will throw projectiles at you at the start of the fight. You can easily avoid these by strafing to the side.

When you have damaged Banshee enough, she will move toward the back of the arena and cast a poison cloud on the outer circle of the arena forcing you to the middle. During this phase, Banshee will start throwing 2 types of energy bars at you. You need to duck or jump depending on the height of the energy bars.

Blue BarsJump Over
Purple BarsCrouch Underneath

You can create enough response time to take some distance away from Banshee. After 6 attacks, Banshee will position itself back into the center of the arena and the poison clouds will disappear.

Flying skulls will appear once the poisonous clouds have vanished. These are called “Banshee Sprits”, they will float around the arena. They are relatively harmless, you need to walk into them and even then you get a small bump. You can use these skulls to score a second wind when you go down.

During this stage, Banshee will attack you with a dash and then barrage you again with its projectiles. The water in the center of the arena becomes toxic. Move towards the outer circle of the arena and keep an eye out on the back wall. When you see the poison clouds come in, you need to go to the center of the arena again and be ready to jump those beams again.

Dedicated Cosmetics

These are all the exclusive cosmetic items that you only farm from this boss.

Hair and HeadgearAdventurous Hat
ScarNat One
TattooFury Woad
Armor PatternBanshee Chic
Armor ColorGlowy Ultraviolet
Banner IconOpen Book Arcane
Banner IconStabbomancer Couped
Banner IconGraveborn Defiled


  • Amanda Lee is the voice of Banshee in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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