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Borman Nates Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Rare Spawn - Borman Nates
Borderlands 3 - Rare Spawn - Borman Nates

Enemy Description

Borman Nates is a ‘Named Enemy’ in Borderlands 3. He used to be a ‘Rare Spawn’ and not always show up, however, Gearbox Software changed the spawn rate to 100%.  Borman Nates is named after “Norman Bates”, a character from the 1959 novel Psycho.

Borman Nates Location

You can find Borman Nates on the map Meridian Outskirts on the planet Promethea.  Don’t Fast Travel to the Drop Pod but go to the other spawn point. From there you can easily pick up the vehicle and head out. Once you exited the Catch a Ride Location take a left and drive towards the elevator. Park your vehicle behind the elevator entrance because you can climb up the elevator  This is way faster than using the elevator as intended.   Once you made your way up there, move forward towards the upper deck. Halfway through this section Borman Nates will spawn in.

Borman Nates Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Borman Nates Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Borman Nates Loot Pool

You can farm Borman Nates for these legendary weapons as he is the dedicated loot source for these items. Borman Nates has a 30% legendary drop chance.

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Borman Nates Guide

You will encounter Borman Nates in the COV camp north-west from the Fort Pissoff station. He will attack you by throwing his knife or stabbing you with it. Because he is very aggressive and likes to attack you up close, you better slowly move through the camp and take out the other enemies first. Borman Nates spawns just before Rax & Max, beware of these named enemies as they are more challenging than your regular mobs.

Quick Tips

  • TIP: Keep your distance.
  • STRATEGY: Clear out the COV Camp.
  • WEAKNESS: Fire.
  • CRIT SPOT: Headshots.

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