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Captain Thunk and Sloth Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Enemy Description

Captain Thunk and Sloth are ‘Named Enemies’ in Borderlands 3. They used to be a ‘Rare Spawn’ and not always show up, however, Gearbox Software changed the spawn rate to 100%. Captain Thunk is a Tink that rides on the back of a Hag called Sloth. They are a reference to the Goonies movie from 1985. You can get the side mission “Kill Captain Thunk and Sloth” from the bounty board on Sanctuary III.

Captain Thunk and Sloth Location

You can find Captain Thunk and Sloth in the map Konrad’s Hold on the planet Pandora. Since there is only one Fast Travel point you want to start your journey there. From here you will go to the right and continue to follow the path. As you make your way inside, Captain Thunk and Sloth will appear on the left side of the building.

Captain Thunk and Sloth Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Captain Thunk and Sloth Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Captain Thunk and Sloth Loot Pool

You can farm Captain Thunk and Sloth for these legendary weapons as they are the dedicated loot source for these items. Captain Thunk and Sloth have their own loot pools and a 15% legendary drop chance each.

Captain Thunk Legendaries

Sloth’s Legendaries

More Borderlands 3 Legendary Gear

Captain Thunk and Sloth Guide

You encounter Captain Thunk and Sloth together with a bunch of other bandit enemies. At the start of the fight, Captain Thunk will in Sloth’s backpack and assist by shooting with his rifle and occasionally throw a molotov cocktail. Sloth will charge her big arm cannon and shoot cryo orbs at you. When her health drops below 50%, she will load Captain Thunk into her cannon barrel and launch him at you. Captain Thunk may lose his weapon and will grab a hammer to melee you.

On harder difficulties, other challenging enemies can spawn in this area. But around that time you are probably already equipped with a weapon of each element.

Quick Tips

  • TIP: Captain Thunk does not have to be killed for the mission to be completed.
  • STRATEGY: Keep moving.
  • WEAKNESS: Fire.
  • CRIT SPOT: Headshots!

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