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Dragon Lord – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Boss Guide

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Boss - Dragon Lord
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Boss - Dragon Lord

Boss Description

The Dragon Lord is the eighth main and final Boss that you encounter in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. You are confronted with him at the end of the tenth main quest, “Fatebreaker”.

Where is Dragon Lord located?

You can find Dragon Lord at the Crest of Fate. You can access this area by traveling to the “The Final Steps” Fast Travel Station in The Fearamid and walking towards the entrance.

Which Legendaries does Dragon Lord Drop?

You can farm Dragon Lord for these legendary items as he is the dedicated loot source for the Fatebreaker and the Corrupted Platemail.

Loot LuckDrop Chance
Loot LuckDrop Chance

How to defeat the Dragon Lord

The Dragon Lord has multiple life bars and the boss fight will change phases depending on his life bar.

Life BarsWeakness
Blue Shield BarWeak against Lightning Damage
Yellow Armor BarWeak against Poison Damage
Red Health BarWeak against Fire Damage

Phase 1 – Ward

The Dragon Lord will teleport away upon entering the Boss Arena. He will always position himself in another corner of the arena rendering your initial attack useless.

When the Dragon Lord has repositioned himself he will immediately swing his sword and create ice spikes in front of him. After that, he will create a poisonous shockwave.

Skeletons will spawn out of these puddles while the boss will start shooting these energy waves forward with his blade.

After a few strikes, the Dragon Lord will reposition himself and cast 4 lightning orbs above his head. These Orbs will home in on you when you are close enough. Then the Boss will reposition himself one more time and start charging a crystal. The area around the crystal will become toxic. You need to destroy the crystal to restore the ground, they have a yellow armor bar so Poison Damage works best but the crystals don’t have too much HP.

The Dragon Lord will cycle through these attacks. Most of them are easily evaded by strafing to the side.

Phase 2 – Armor + Health

The Dragon Lord will disappear during the Armor bar phase. When he is gone a row of spirit dragons will rush across the arena.

When the Dragon Lord returns back to the field, he will zap across the arena and then summon 4 flying dragons. These Dragons are tethered to the Boss and they will then restore his blue shield bar. The Dragon Lord will continue his attacks.

Phase 3 – Resurrection (Armor)

Life BarsWeakness
Yellow Armor BarWeak against Poison Damage
Red Health BarWeak against Fire Damage

The Dragon Lord will rise from the grave when you almost depleted his life bars. Two giant skeleton hands will claim him and the Dragon Lord is reborn a brief moment later. His Armor and Health bar are fully charged again.

The Dragon Lord is flying now and will perform a slam attack toward you creating the ice spikes and continuing with the poison shockwave.

Then he will summon 4 wyverns on the ground that will attack you.

The Dragon Lord will teleport around. Doing Ground Slams. The Sword Wave attack got upgraded to 3 spirit swords that rage across the arena.

Phase 4

When you drained the Dragon Lord’s Armor bar for the second time, he will summon a great Wyvern to assist him in battle. The Dragon Lord and the Wyvern will alternate with each other on who is immune to all damage. So when the Dragon Lord cannot be damaged, concentrate your fire on the giant Dragon.

Fireballs can fall from the sky when the Dragon Lord performs his slam.

When the Dragon Lord is immune to damage his life gauge will be locked. During this stage, he doesn’t really attack only uses sword swings when you are close. You should focus on the Dragon as it will launch yellow sparks that home into you. These are easily evaded by strafing to the side.

When alternating between the Dragon and the Dragon Lord, the Dragon is the first to go and then you can finish the fight.

Dedicated Cosmetics

These are all the exclusive cosmetic items that you only farm from this boss.

Hair and HeadgearVillain’s Cowl
ScarFeral Marks
TattooMarked for Death
Armor ColorRoyal Splendor
Banner IconWyvern Sejant
Banner IconAscendant Crystal
Banner IconWondrous Field Envaulted


  • Will Arnett is the voice of Dragon Lord in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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