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Dry’l – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Boss Guide

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Boss - Dry'l
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Boss - Dry'l

Boss Description

Dry’l is the fifth main Boss that you encounter in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. You are confronted with him at the end of the seventh main quest, “Mortal Coil”. You needed to complete the side quest “Kens of Deceiver” in order to access the Drowned Abyss.

This Boss can be challenging especially when you first encounter him as he acts as a balance check. You first need to get your build in check before you can easily progress.

Dry’l is also known as Darrel in the community.

Where is Dry’l located?

You can find Dry’l at the end of The Godswell. You can access this area through the Drowned Abyss. Use the Dry’l’s Gallery Fast Travel Station or select the map travel icon next to it to directly go to The Godswell Area. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Boss - Dry'l Location

Which Legendaries does Dry’l Drop?

You can farm Dry’l for these legendary items as he is the dedicated loot source for the Dry’l’s Fury and the Storm Surge.

Loot LuckDrop Chance
Loot LuckDrop Chance

How to Defeat Dry’l

The fight against Dry’l has 3 phases and in each stage, he gains new abilities.

Stay out of the toxic sea as this will directly drain your health bar. Only full-health players that are confident bunny hop to Dry’l in the second and third phases to get a short-range projectile to the Boss.

There is somewhat of a safe spot on the right of the arena where the exit gate is located. Dry’l’s attacks slams, spears, and fireballs can’t reach that area. So basically, you can cheese the boss from here.

Phase 1: Dry’l – Whose Chains Are The Sea

During the first Phase, Dry’l only has 1 Red Health Bar, use Fire Damage to quickly clear this phase.

The Boss will try and attack you with his fists. He will use them to slam into you. You can evade these by strafing to the sides. These pounds create a fissure that travels forward to the extent of his arm.

Pounds usually are single handed but there is also a double-handed slam. Slams can throw you up in the air.

Dry’l will occasionally throw 3 bombs that will start glowing red. As soon as they explode they will leave a burning puddle on the ground rendering that area not suitable to walk.

3 Coiled Enemies will spawn after a little while during this phase. When they cast area-of-effect spells they can really make the arena feel small.

Phase 2: Dry’l – Whose Blood Is Thunder

When you drained the first Health Bar, Dry’l will go underwater and resurface in the back of the cave. There he will charge his spear with lightning and will throw 2 of them at you. Move towards the right of the arena so that the spears hit the side of the cave. Otherwise, the spears will electrify the ground. Lightning will very quickly drain your Ward.

Dry’l has 1 Blue Shield Bar and 1 Red Health Bar during this phase. Use Lightning Damage to quickly drain his Ward, then use Fire Damage again to take down his health bar.

When Dry’l moves towards the front of the arena again, a few Coiled Enemies will spawn again. The Boss will try and hit you with his spear. With every attempt, he will leave a spear in the ground which will continue to electrify the area for 60 seconds. You can shoot the Spears to destroy them.

The Spears have Yellow Armor Bars, therefore, a Poison Weapon is the most effective, however, the Spears don’t have a lot of points and are easily destroyed and he can only summon two. The area will stay electrified for ~8 seconds when you cleared the Spear.

Dry’l will go to the back of the cave after ~8 spears. There he will use his tail to create a tsunami that will hit the land and damage you if you are in its path. From here, the cycle of this phase resets.

Phase 3: Dry’l – Whose Heart Is Fire

When you managed to conquer phase 2, Dry’l will go back into the distance and will start emitting fire. After he has blown into his hand he will throw 2 fireballs at you before he goes towards the front again. The fireballs will leave a burning mark on the floor.

As Dry’l resurfaces he will use his fire breath to sweep the arena from right to left. 3 Coiled enemies will spawn during this section. The Boss will have a full Shield and Health Bar again.

The boss will try and slam you with his hand or Spear which will leave an oil puddle on the ground that can be ignited. After a few slams, Dry’l will remove himself from the front and starts breathing fire in a straight line. He will do this a few times before the cycle of this phase resets.

Occasionally, Dry’l can throw 3 bombs that leave smolder on the ground.

Dedicated Cosmetics

These are all the exclusive cosmetic items that you only farm from this boss.

Hair and HeadgearFin Fashion
ScarTavern Brawl
TattooHunter’s Streak
Armor ColorDarkvision Goggles
Banner IconSkull Armed in Saltire
Banner IconWarden’s Spore in Splendour
Banner IconBrr-Zerker’s Mask

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