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El Dragon Jr Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Rare Spawn - El Dragon Jr
Borderlands 3 - Rare Spawn - El Dragon Jr

Enemy Description

The El Dragon Jr is a ‘Named Enemy’ in Borderlands 3. It used to be a ‘Rare Spawn’ and not always show up, however, Gearbox Software changed the spawn rate to 100%.  You can get the side mission “Kill El Dragon Jr” from the bounty board on Sanctuary III. El Dragón Jr is based on a hero of a similar name called El Dragón in the 2016 video game Battleborn that received a Borderlands Skin before BL3’s release.

El Dragon Jr Location

You can find El Dragon Jr on the map, Jakobs Estate on the planet Eden-6.  Make your way towards Jakobs Estate, as soon as you jump into the swamp, go left towards the hidden Eridian writing. There you will also find a waterfall. El Dragon Jr will appear

El Dragon Jr Location Guide - Borderlands 3

El Dragon Jr Location Guide – Borderlands 3

El Dragon Jr Loot Pool

You can farm El Dragon Jr for these legendary weapons as they are the dedicated loot source for these items. El Dragon Jr has a 15% legendary drop chance each.

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El Dragon Jr Guide

When El Dragon Jr appears from out of the waterfall he will first do a few poses. This is your chance to strike first. El Dargon Jr will run towards you and is pretty aggressive about it. He will perform a clap attack or jump in the air to land on top of you. Keep your distance as El Dragon Jr’s main attacks are close combat. He does have shock attacks and the fight starts in the water so beware of that. It’s possible that a few bandits, from further down the map, will join the fight.

You can also progress through the map a bit and go to the next save station. Because from there the walk to farm El Dragon Jr is a bit shorter but you can also farm Heckle/Hyde from that location.

Quick Tips

  • TIP: Strike First.
  • STRATEGY: Keep your distance.
  • WEAKNESS: Incendiary.
  • CRIT SPOT: Headshots.

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