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Evil Brick & Evil Mordecai – Borderlands 3 Boss Guide

Borderlands 3 - DLC4 - Evil Brick & Mordecai
Borderlands 3 - DLC4 - Evil Brick & Mordecai
Where can I find Evil Brick & Evil Mordecai in Borderlands 3?

Evil Brick & Evil Mordecai are Story Bosses in DLC4 of Borderlands 3. This duo is located in Castle Crimson in Krieg’s Mind. You will encounter them together during the “Siege of Castle Crimson” quest.Borderlands 3 - DLC4 - Evil Brick & Mordecai Location Guide

Which legendary items do Evil Brick & Evil Mordecai drop?

You can farm Evil Brick for the Lovable Rogue and farm Evil Mordecai for the Septimator Prime and the Flare as they are the dedicated loot source for these items. These bosses both have a 30% drop chance with Evil Mordecai’s being divided in a 15/15 split.

Evil Brick Legendary Drops

Evil Mordecai Legendary Drops


  • Brick will ambush you and will constantly invade your personal space. Keep your distance from him.
  • Mordecai will shoot at you from a distance. He will teleport to different high grounds during the encounter.
  • You can shoot down Mordecai’s bird to score a Second Wind.

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