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General Traunt Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Boss - General Traunt
Borderlands 3 - Boss - General Traunt

Boss Description

General Traunt is a ‘Boss’ in Borderlands 3. You will encounter him during the story mission Footsteps of Giants. He will take his revenge since you killed his younger brother Samual Traunt. General Traunt is a combination of a Powerhouse Heavy and a Contaminator Heavy.

Where can I find General Traunt in Borderlands 3?

General Traunt is located in Desolation’s Edge on the planet Nekrotafeyo. Fast Travel to the main location and run outside and digi-struct a vehicle. Keep to the right and fight your way through the Guardians. You will need to punch through a few bushes to progress through the area.General Traunt Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Which legendary items does General Traunt drop?

You can farm General Traunt for these legendary weapons as it is the dedicated loot source for these items. General Traunt has a 30% legendary drop chance.

General Traunt Guide

General Traunt has a shield and a health bar. His weak spot is the canister that’s on his back. While you can hit it during a frontal assault, you can easily hit it when you attack from the back.

Like every other boss, you got to keep moving. Watch out for the barriers that General Traunt summons and the orbs that fall from the sky.

If a direct attack doesn’t work, you can also use the side lanes for a tactical approach.

His attacks are shock and corrosive based. A transformer shield would be very useful.

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