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Gigamind Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Boss - Gigamind

Boss Description

Gigamind is a ‘Boss’ in Borderlands 3. He is the third boss you’ll encounter in Borderlands 3. You’ll fight him during the mission Hostile Takeover, the sixth mission in Borderlands 3, as part of your effort to protect the Atlas Cooperation from the Maliwan invasion.

Where can I find Gigamind in Borderlands 3?

Gigamind is located in Meridian Metroplex on the planet Promethea. You want to head over to the famous coffee shop. Just behind it, there is a corridor. In this room, Zero has made a passageway through the wall. If that hasn’t happened yet, then you should continue following the main storyline. During mission 6, Hostile Takeover, Zero will grant you access to the arena.Gigamind Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Which legendary items does Gigamind drop?

You can farm Gigamind for these legendary weapons as it is the dedicated loot source for these items. Gigamind has a 15% legendary drop chance.

Gigamind Guide

Gigamind is a pretty tough boss fight when you first play the game. You will encounter him when you are level 12 or so. During the first phase of the battle, Gigamind will be flying around on his hoverboard and regularly perform mid-range attacks. Since Gigamind has a beefy shield, I would recommend that you bring a good shock weapon with you. Because Shock damage is strong against Shields and causes targets to be electrocuted. Electrocution deals very high damage over a 3-second duration.

Once you drained his blue shield bar, phase two of the fight will commence. Now you can start taking down his red health bar. For these types of life bars, you want to be using an Incendiary weapon, as these are the most effective against that. Fire damage is strong against Flesh and can cause targets to burn. Burning deals high damage over a 5-second duration.

During this phase, Gigamind will start taking cover behind a shield. You will need to flank him to damage him. You can also take down his shield but it more effective to attack the pink glowing spot on his back because that’s his critical weak spot.

What’s out for Maliwan Assault troopers during this second phase. Yes, you can use them to score a second win but sometimes they are accompanied by a drone that shields them from taking damage. When you takedown the drone you can defeat these Maliwan troops.

During the final stage of this boss fight, Gigamind will gain a few new attacks. He will try to send drone clusters to you and generate some kind of tornado. Do your best to dodge those, stay on the move, and on target.

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