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Gloopathoth Guide – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

TTWL Gloopathoth Guide
TTWL Gloopathoth Guide

Gloopathoth is one of the hidden raid bosses in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. You will encounter this boss at the end of the Chaos Chamber after you completed the Blue Sigil puzzle.

In this guide, I will tell you how to summon Gloopathoth and how you can easily defeat her.

How to Summon Gloopathoth?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Boss Blue Cipher

You can summon Gloopathoth in the Chaos Chamber. This is Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ main end-game content. There is a chance you will encounter a Blue Sigil as you fight your way through various dungeons.

This sigil will appear after you completed a dungeon room, usually, it is located near the portal that leads you to the next room. There are a few rooms where the sigil is hidden a bit further away but you can always hear the sigil’s creepy laugh.

While regular Chaos Chamber runs have a small chance to spawn Raid Boss sigils, the Featured Run always has all 3 of them hidden throughout the course.

How to Solve the Blue Sigil?

You can interact with the blue cipher on the wall. After doing so, a wisp will emerge from it and will slowly travel toward a specific location in the dungeon room. Follow its trail and you will find a blue orb. Also, keep an eye out for where the wisp goes next as that’s important for solving the puzzle.

You need to stand in the first big orb for a few seconds. Then one of the three ice orbs that are floating nearby will slowly start chasing you. Your task is to guide the ice orb to a second big blue orb on the other side of the map.

The ice orb cannot touch any obstacles or terrain. You can frequently jump to get some altitude to the orb.

When the ice orb is close to the second blue orb you need to shoot the ice orb to trigger an explosion. If it’s done correctly and the blue orb is hit, you successfully completed the puzzle.

In case you weren’t able to successfully guide the orb, you do get 3 chances before the puzzle disappears.

At the end of your Chaos Chamber run, you are presented with a Gold portal that leads to the Loot Room and a Red Portal that leads to the Raid Bosses.

How to Defeat Gloopathoth?

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Chaos Chamber Boss Gloopathoth

Gloopathoth is a sneaky boss as she sends you on this cat-and-mouse chase. However, I’m going to tell you what you exactly need to be doing and what to look out for and this boss will become a walk in the park.

Gloopathoth Attack Pattern

  • Summons 3 Frost Homing Orbs
  • Shoots Red spears that burst into multiple orbs
  • Summons 3 Frost Homing Orbs
  • Stealth Mode and Flies to each corner of the arena
  • Summons 3 Frost Homing Orbs

Phase1: Dodge

At the start of this boss fight, Gloopathoth will summon 3 homing frost orbs. These will chase you but not as aggressively. Clear these initial frost orbs as you cannot use them against the boss just yet.

Gloopathoth will then shoot a red spear onto each corner of the arena. The spears will explode after a second or 2 and will burst into multiple orbs. Dodge the orbs.

Then Gloopathoth will summon another wave of frost orbs. You can also clear these.

Phase 2: Stealth Mode

After the initial 3 attacks, Gloopathoth will go into her stealth mode. She will quickly move to each corner of the arena. Make your way to the first corner as this will provide you with an advantage.

A blue orb – similar to the one from the puzzle – will spawn in each corner. They are guarded by 3 coiled enemies. Quickly take them out but try and avoid using any skills with a long cooldown as you will need it to deal damage to the boss.

Gloopathoth will or has summoned 3 frost orbs at this point. You need to guide these into the blue orb and shoot them, just as you did during the puzzle. If you have done this correctly, the blue orb will slowly rise and explode in the sky.

The explosion will stun Gloopathoth and will cause her to fall from the sky and fall on her back. While she is curled up, she is holding the blue sigil up. Shoot the sigil as this is Gloopathoth’s weak point.

Phase 3: Repeat

The next phase is actually, the same as the previous one. Quickly make your way to the next corner of the map. Take out the Coiled and guide the frost orbs into the blue orb.

However, watch out as Gloopathoth is angry and will summon a barrage of meteors your way. You can easily dodge these as there are marked spots on the ground.

The Coiled will respawn after a little while, however, if you managed to stun the boss, the Coiled will despawn and you no longer have to worry about them.

Gloopathoth Tips

Try and avoid picking up hard chaos chamber curses when you want to go for these hidden raid bosses. You can pick up Butt Stallion blessings on your way to the boss.

Best Gear Against Gloopathoth?

I got a bunch of awesome character builds up on the site that you can use.

Gloopathoth has a white health bar and therefore is weaker against Frost Damage. Any of the meta weapons should do fine but the Liquid Cooling, Queen’s Cry, Frost Nightshade, and Frost Sawmill are all great weapons for this boss fight.

The Legendary Sacrificial Skeep Amulet can be a lifesaver during this fight.

You can use the Counterfeint Ward to create decoys and draw attention ways from you.

Gloopathoth Dedicated Drops

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Legendary Shotgun - Crossblade

Gloopathoth has a chance to drop the Legendary Crossblade Shotgun.

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