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How to Defeat The Seer – Borderlands 3 Guide

Borderlands 3 - Boss - The Seer
Borderlands 3 - Boss - The Seer
Where can I find The Seer in Borderlands 3?

The Seer is the final boss of Ava’s Murder Mysteries from DLC6 in Borderlands 3. It is located in The Scryer’s Crypt on the Planet Nekrotofeyo. You will encounter this Guardian at the end of the map.Borderlands 3 - Boss - The Seer Location Guide

Which legendary items does The Seer drop?

You can farm The Seer for the Redeye Rocket Pod, Critical Mass, Death’s Blessing, Heat Exchanger, and Roll Reversal as it is the dedicated loot source for these items. The Seer’s legendary items have a 40.8% drop chance.

The Seer: Boss Walkthrough

The Seer can be a challenging fight as it spawns with 3 health bars and is able to regenerate his health during the fight, therefore, it is recommended that you have a good character build.


These are the 3 health bars of The Seer, each having its own elemental weakness, but there are also things that you can do to prevent The Seer from regenerating its health. Because Harold Guardians will spawn throughout the fight and they can heal the boss with their Red Orbs. You need to quickly eliminate the Harold Guardians and shoot the Red Orbs as they travel through the air.

Try and avoid walking into the liquid pools as they will create an onscreen effect that will limit your vision.

The Seer can cloak and while they are slightly visible you can still see the boss icon on the mini-map.

Stay clear from the floating cubes when The Seer raises its arm and shoots lightning toward the sky. At that point, a few cubes will start emitting shock damage. You can counter this by equipping the Transformer Shield as it will absorb the Shock and refill your shield.

Other Guardians will spawn throughout the fight. They will also have shield and armor bars.

Free RadicalPowerful Maliwan Shock Pistol that helps clear the Shields.
FlipperPowerful Maliwan SMG that can come in Shock and Corrosive.
RefluxPowerful Hyperion Shotgun that links enemies and deals Corrosive Damage.
InfinityNot the most powerful item in your arsenal but if you keep running out of ammo this weapon will save your life.
Transformer ShieldNegate the Seer’s AoE attacks by absorbing the shock damage.


  • Jumping off the boss arena resets the boss fight even when you already killed it. This trick does cost you the 10% respawn cost or you can simply fast-travel to the start of the map if you don’t want to save and quit.

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