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Kastor The Normal-Sized Skeleton – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Boss Guide

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Optional Boss - Kastor

Boss Description

Kastor The Normal-Sized Skeleton is an optional Boss that you encounter in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Where is Kastor located?

You can find Kastor The Normal-Sized Skeleton at Tangle Drift. You can quickly access the boss arena by traveling to the “What’s left of Driftwood” Fast Travel Station and going to the “Ratty Shack” area.

Which Legendaries does Kastor Drop?

You can farm Kastor for these legendary items as he is the dedicated loot source for the Crossbolt Generator and the Warped Paradigm.

Loot LuckDrop Chance
Loot LuckDrop Chance

How to Defeat Kastor

Kastor The Normal-Sized Skeleton only has 1 Grey health bar, which means he is weak against Frost Damage.

Kastor has several attacks that he keeps repeating. During the fight, shroom enemies will try and attack you. They are relatively harmless and can be used as a Second Wind when you go down. However, I found them annoying as they aggressively try to rush you. This throws me off my game as I keep dodging them and therefore I don’t always get clear readings of Kastor’s attacks. If you know what the attacks do and how to dodge them, the boss is a walk in the park.

Attack IndicatorAttackCounter Move
Glowing hands spread apart for each otherCreates a shockwave with running skeletons.Jump over the shockwave
The left hand creates a light beam that points upGlowing sigils with skeletons appear on the ground. When Kastor claps his hands, the sigils will explode.Get out of the glowing sigils
First the left and then quickly the right hand create a light beam pointing downKastor summons a shroom from the groundKill or Evade them for a Second Wind
Spitting green stuff out of his mouthGreen-homing skulls will slowly fly toward you and explode on impact. Strafe to the side and jump over the explosion of the impact or if you are in the back run towards the front of the arena going underneath the skulls as they can’t travel backward.
Left-hand grabs a swordHorizontal sword sliceJump over the sword
Right-hand grabs a swordVertical sword strikeStrafe to the side to dodge
Purple glowing handsKastor summons purple orbs across the room and slowly pulls them in to restore his health.Shoot the purple orbs in the air to destroy them and negate the health regeneration. You cannot damage Kastor at this moment as his health bar is locked away.

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