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Parasite – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Boss Guide

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Optional Boss - Parasite
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Optional Boss - Parasite

Boss Description

Parasite is an optional Boss that you encounter in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Where is Parasite located?

You can find Parasite at Tangle Drift. You can quickly access the boss arena by traveling to the “What’s left of Driftwood” Fast Travel Station. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Optional Boss - Parasite Location

Which Legendaries does Parasite Drop?

You can farm Parasite for these legendary items as he is the dedicated loot source for the Wizard’s Pipe and the Pandemecium.

Loot LuckDrop Chance
Loot LuckDrop Chance

How to Defeat Parasite

During the boss fight with Parasite, you need to drain 3 life bars from him. All-in-all, this isn’t a very difficult boss fight. You can easily avoid enemies and attacks if you just keep moving around. You could even have some fun jumping on Shroomies and defeating them Super Mario style.

Life BarWeakness
Blue Shield BarWeak against Lightning Damage
Red Health BarWeak against Fire Damage
Grey Bone BarWeak against Frost Damage

Phase 1 – Blue Shield Bar

Parasite will keep its distance from you as it throws lightning orbs at you. When these orbs hit the ground they can spawn little shrooms that will ambush you. The number of shrooms that can be spawned at once is limited to 5 enemies.

Phase 2 – Red Health Bar

Parasite will now ambush you and will try and melee you. Zombies will also spawn from the ground to assist the boss in battle. As this phase lasts, there occasionally spawn 2 shroomies.

While the Boss and the Undead enemies target you, they can actually hurt each other because they don’t belong to the same enemy type. It’s likely that the Boss will defeat the zombies for you if you keep circling around them.

Phase 3 – Grey Bone Bar

Parasite now loses his hat and Skeletons will drop from the sky as soon as you reach this phase. Undead enemies will continue to assist Parasite throughout this segment. The Boss will keep ambushing you and if you are out of range it will lob lightning orbs at you.

Dedicated Cosmetics

These are all the exclusive cosmetic items that you only farm from this boss.

Hair and HeadgearLead Mage’s Lid
TattooMark of the Watcher
Armor ColorSolar Citrine
Banner IconMushroom Rampant
Banner ColorSplendid
PoseThe Celebrant

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