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Princess Tarantella II Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Rare Spawn - Princess Tarantella II
Borderlands 3 - Rare Spawn - Princess Tarantella II

Enemy Description

Princess Tarantella II is a ‘Named Enemy’ in Borderlands 3. She used to be a ‘Rare Spawn’ and not always show up, however, Gearbox Software changed the spawn rate to 100%. Princess Tarantella II is a giant Spiderant with red eyes. You can get the side mission “Kill Princess Tarantella II” from the bounty board on Sanctuary III.

Princess Tarantella II Location

You can find Princess Tarantella II in the map The Splinterlands on the planet Pandora. You want Fast Travel to the Chop Shop when entering the map. From here you can easily pick up a vehicle and drive north-east from the Big Donny’s Chop Shop. As you make your way towards the location you can quickly see her pop up from underneath the ground.

Princess Tarantella II Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Princess Tarantella II Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Princess Tarantella II Loot Pool

You can farm Princess Tarantella II for these legendary weapons as she is the dedicated loot source for these items. Princess Tarantella II has a 10% legendary drop chance.

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Princess Tarantella II Guide

You encounter Princess Tarantella II together with a few enemy vehicles. Since the bandits and Spiderants don’t like each other they will engage one another. You can benefit from this as they are distracted from the “real fight” or it gives you a chance to hijack another vehicle if you lose your own. Princess Tarantella II will perform roll and jump attacks during the fight. You wouldn’t be the first to be launched off the map. Spiderants are armored on the front and bullets can therefore ricochet. They are weak on their backside and their abdomen as these aren’t armor-plated. Try driving circles around her to avoid attacks and aim for the weak spots. You can throw grenades or other splash damage projectiles underneath her to deal significant damage.

Quick Tips

  • TIP: Avoid Armor, don’t attack from the front.
  • STRATEGY: Aim for the squeeze parts
  • CRIT SPOT: Abdomen

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