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Road Dog Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Rare Spawn - Road Dog
Borderlands 3 - Rare Spawn - Road Dog

Enemy Description

Road Dog is a ‘Named Enemy’ in Borderlands 3. He used to be a ‘Rare Spawn’ and not always show up, however, Gearbox Software changed the spawn rate to 100%. Road Dog is a Goliath with a nuke tattoo on his belly. He’s equipped with 1 Assault Rifle and a hook with which he can pull you in. You can get the side mission “Kill Road Dog” from the bounty board on Sanctuary III.

Road Dog Location

You can find Road Dog in the map The Splinterlands on the planet Pandora. You want Fast Travel to any starting location on the map because you need to be in the center of the map. There you will find a COV camp. When you enter the camp through the main gate, Road Dog will be in the back on the right side. He will show up from one of the containers located there.

Road Dog Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Road Dog Location Guide – Borderlands 3

Road Dog Loot Pool

You can farm Road Dog for these legendary weapons as he is the dedicated loot source for these items. Road Dog has a 10% legendary drop chance.

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Road Dog Guide

You encounter Road Dog together with a bunch of other enemies. It’s probably wise to first stock up on ammo and grenades before entering the COV camp. If you don’t have a kick-ass build you want to clear the camp as you make your way to Road Dog. He will appear out of a container. Beware as Road Dog can grab you from a distance with his hook and pull you towards himself. Avoid enraging Road Dog by aiming for his body instead of his head. When he is enraged and starts killing other enemies, Road Dog will evolve go from; Raging > Super Raging > Mega Raging > Ultimate Raging > Godly, making the fight tougher and tougher.

Quick Tips

  • TIP: Avoid Head Shots.
  • STRATEGY: Clear out the COV Camp.
  • WEAKNESS: Fire.
  • CRIT SPOT: His Head once the helmet comes off.

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