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The Rampager Guide – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 - Boss - The Rampager
Borderlands 3 - Boss - The Rampager

Boss Description

The Rampager is a ‘Boss’ in Borderlands 3. This is the 1st Vault Boss in the game. Its name is a reference to the classic game Rampage. The 3 character you can play in that game are also refected in the phases of the boss fight as The Rampager transforms with each stage.

Where can I find The Rampager in Borderlands 3?

The Rampager is located in The Forgotten Basilica on the planet Promethea. The Rampager Location Guide - Borderlands 3

Which legendary items does The Rampager drop?

You can farm The Rampager for these legendary weapons as it is the dedicated loot source for these items. The Rampager has a 20% legendary drop chance.

The Rampager Guide

The Rampager has 3 stages it will go through, with each stage it will change its appearance and its attack pattern. Also, its element and elemental resistance will change with each phase.

  1. Radiation Damage/Resistance
  2. Incendiary Damage/Resistance
  3. Corrosive Damage/Resisitance

When the Rampager slams the ground and shoots out these fire balls, you can easily dodge them by jumping over them or just go between them.

When you have dealt a bunch of damage to the Rampager, it will become stunned, use this to your advantage.

The Blue orbs won’t heal the Rampager in any way, so you don’t need to shoot them for the fight. These Blue Orbs do drop ammo or health when they are destroyed. They can also function as an easy way to score a second wind.

During the fight some Eridian Wraith will spawn and attack you. They are easily defeated and can also be used to pick up a second wind when you are downed.

You better not get to close to the Rampager during the fight as this makes dodging his attacks a lot easier.

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