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Blighted Daggers Build – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

My STRONGEST and BEST Build Yet | Destroy ANY Chaos Level | Blighted Daggers | Chaos 100 + Save File

This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Build is made by Ancient Rune. This is his LVL 40 Melee build that combines the Stabbomancer and Blghtcaller character classes that can devastate Chaos 100 by utilizing the Salt And Battery.


Primary ClassStabbomancer
Secondary ClassBlightcaller


TypeItemElemental DamageEnchantment
PistolScalawag (x3)PoisonOn Spell Cast: Increase Melee Damage
SMGLive WireLightningOn Spell Cast: Increase Melee Damage
ShotgunStab-o-MaticNoneOn Spell Cast: Increase Melee Damage
ShotgunSwordsplosionFireOn Spell Cast: Increased Fire Damage
MeleeSalt and BatteryLightningGain Melee Damage after each 2nd hit
Magic SpellEmpowering SigilFrostOn Spell Cast: Increase Damage Dealt


TypeItemAdded Value
Ring LeftSharkbaneMelee Damage
Ring RightSharksbaneMelee Damage
Amulet1. Barboload
2. Sacrificial Skeep
+Lighting Damage
+Blightcaller Power
+Status Effect / All Damage Dealt
WardBody RuneEnchantment: On Spell Cast, increase Elemental Damage
ArmorMiasmic Mail+Stabbomancer
+Exploit the Weakness
+All Damage Dealt
+Melee Damage
+Movement Speed

Skill Tree

Action SkillFrom The Shadows

Hero Points

BackstoryVillage Idiot
Strength28+22.5 % Crit Damage
Dexterity20+20.0 % Crit Chance
Intelligence17+7.0 % Spell Cooldown
Wisdom37+54.0 % Status Damage
Constitution33+57.5 % Max HP/Ward
Attunement40+30.0 % Skill Cooldown

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