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Brr-Warden Enrage Build – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

BrrZerker SporeWarden Frost Enrage Build!!! Save File On Discord!!!

This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Build is made by Byrdman. This is his LVL 40 build that combines the Brr-Zerker and the Spore Warden character classes and focuses on the Enrage Mode to do crazy damage with frost.



  • Weapons:
    • Purple Dahlia/Hyperius Frost SMGs with On Action Skill Start, Increase Spell Damage Enchantment.
    • Liquid Cooling of Impatience with On Action Skill Start, Increase Melee Damage Enchantment.
  • Melee: Twin Soul of Acceleration with On Spell Cast, increased Damage Dealt Enchantment
  • Spell: Buffmeister with On Spell Cast, increase Gun Damage Enchantment
  • Action Skill: Barrage


Skill Tree

Hero Points

Backstory: Village Idiot

Strength30+25.0 % Crit Damage
Dexterity20+20.0 % Crit Chance
Intelligence35+25.0 % Spell Cooldown
Wisdom25+30.0 % Status Damage
Constitution20+25.0 % Max HP/Ward
Attunement31+21.0 % Skill Cooldown

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