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Brrrage Build – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Build is made by Ancient Rune. This is his LVL 40 Barrage build that combines the Spore Warden and Brr-zerker character classes.


Primary ClassSpore Warden
Secondary ClassBrr-zerker


Weapons with a low mag, high fire rate, and quick reload speed will work well with this build.

TypeItemElemental DamageEnchantment
ShotgunKettledrumNoneSpore Warden: After Barrage, gun damage can cause explosions
ShotgunSwordsplosionPoisonSpore Warden: After Barrage, gun damage can cause explosions
PistolSootcoughNoneSpore Warden: After Barrage, gun damage can cause explosions
SniperCarrouserFireSpore Warden: After Barrage, gun damage can cause explosions
MeleePeg leg (Echo)NoneOn Action Skill Start, Increase Damage Dealt
Magic SpellEmpowering SigilFrostOn Spell Cast, Increase Damage Dealt


TypeItemAdded Value
Ring LeftThumb CuffsAbility Damage
Ring RightSharksbaneAbility Damage
AmuletProtagonizer+Poison Damage
+Spore Warden Power
+All Damage Dealt
WardBody RuneSpore Warden: Whenever you reload, gain a charge of Barrage
Armor1. Mosquito’s Mantle
2. Smart Armor
+Spore Warden
+Area Damage
+Gun Damage
+All Damage Dealt

Skill Tree

Action SkillBarrage

Hero Points

BackstoryVillage Idiot
Strength48+47.5 % Crit Damage
Dexterity20+20.0 % Crit Chance
Intelligence30+20.0 % Spell Cooldown
Wisdom17+14.0 % Status Damage
Constitution20+25.0 % Max HP/Ward
Attunement40+30.0 % Skill Cooldown

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