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FL4K “Unhealthy Radiation” Build – Borderlands 3 Guide

Urad Fl4k Build does insane damage and makes True Takedown look like scaled | Borderlands 3

FL4K “URAD” Build by LazyData

With this insane FLAK build, you will be able to melt enemies on Mayhem Mode 10! True Takedown Mode will look like it’s scaled-down. This is an end game build and therefore relies on Anointed gear and the current Meta weapons. The Anoint that makes this build special is the new Anoint; “While under 50% health, deal 150% bonus radiation damage.”. In or to proc this anoint, you will be running the Front-Loader Shield. This shield reserves 60% of your health and increases your shield’s capacity. This way the Anoint will always be active. You will be using the Front-Loader shield instead of the Deathless Artifact. This way, you open up your artifact slot for a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge or Victory Rush to increase your damage. With the URAD Build you can basically run any Beastmaster class mod but some perform better than others and do be selective with the added skills. With this build, you will be spamming the Fade Away action skill.


  • Action Skill + Pet
    • Fade Away
    • Great Horned Skag
  • Augments
    • Not My Circus
    • Until You Are Dead


Skill Tree

FL4K - URAD Build Skill Tree - Borderlands 3

FL4K – URAD Build Skill Tree – Borderlands 3

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