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Immortals of Aveum “Skirmisher” Build

Immortals of Aveum - Skirmisher Build
Immortals of Aveum - Skirmisher Build

This is my Skirmisher Build for Immortals of Aveum. It’s centered around quick mobility and dealing massive damage at point blank. You will be focused on using the Red Magic Sigil for your primary damage dealer and utilizing the Blink ability to quickly move around from one target to another.

Your main Control Spells for this fast-paced build will be the Lash to pull in enemies and the Lens to disrupt enemy attacks.

For your Fury Spells, you want to focus on Blastwave and/or Bash. The Chaos Ring offers a lot of power to your primary attack but if you want to boost both Fury Spells, there are Legendary Rings dedicated to that.

Gear Explained

Blue SigilWindomereThis Legendary Javelin grants you an additional Blink Charge and lets you get that close-up aimed shot on ranged enemies as they might be out of your reach.
Red SigilMorbane’s FireThis Legendary Sigil casts a powerful Red Magic Blast but also boosts your Melee Damage and Armor.
Green SigilCentanusThis good all-round legendary sigil provides you with multiple sweet perks.
Blue TotumSansekThe Sansek adds Blue Magic Power to your build. This increases your Blue Magic Damage and that’s something you will need throughout the game.
Red TotumLens of LightThe Lens of Light provides the most Red Magic Powers.

Immortals Lens gives you more Blink Cooldown and an additional Charge on NG+.
Green TotumVial of the DeepmereThe Vial of the Deepmere provides the most Green Magic Power which increases the damage of all Green Magic spells. The Regen Shred also helps you defeat enemies with green shields.

Lorrent more Corrosive Chaos Damage over Time
Ring#1Chaos Ring / FuryThe Chaos Ring offers great boosts to your Primary Sigil Attack that exceeds the powers of a Legendary Bash/Blastwave ring. However, if you find yourself using both Fury spells then check out the options in the Ring#2 slot.

Rare: Crimson Ring
Epic: Chaos Ring
Ring#2Nova / BrickbatHere we are going to boost either your Blastwave or Bash Fury. The Morbane’s Fire sigil also boosts your Melee.

Epic Bash: Ram Ring
Legendary Bash: Brickbat

Epic Blastwave: Flare Ring
Legendary Blastwave: Nova
BracerGatterond WrapsWe are going to use a Bracer that’s going to boost our mobility and defenses.

Rare: Blink Bands for the Early game.
Epic: Blink Gauntlet for Mid to End Game.
Legendary: Gatterond Wraps for more End Game survivability.

Skill Tree Explained

You will be focusing on the Red Skill Tree for this build but there are also some Talents in the other Skill Trees you want to pick up.

For your fury spells you want to focus on Blastwave and Bash. You can do one or the other but also both. It kinda depends on how many points you have to spend but there is a great synergy with those spells.

You can use Bash to deal damage but its forward dash also helps you get around. Fully upgrading Bash lets you cast a Blastwave for free and fully upgrading Blastwave allows you to have an additional blast. This extra blast will also come in handy if your Red Cap Stone Talents kicks in.

Corrosion is a great tool to mark enemies and be more effective with your Red Magic Sigils but it requires you to melee enemies. Corrosion can also be augmented to deal Damage-Over-Time and is useful in Boss Fights rather than for general mobbing, therefore, I initially chose for more survivability.

Note: The Yellow Marked talents in the Red Skill Tree are tailored to your preference.

ImpulseCore RedIt’s the Tier1 skill but faster reload speed is very welcome.
Shred PunchCore RedBecause you will be up close a lot, smashing Shields with your melee is great utility to lower the enemy’s defenses.
RampageCore RedThis can be a high-risk high-reward build, having that save guard from the Cap Stone keeps you on your feet and deals damage at the same time.
Gathering ChaosSigil RedSince we are primarily using our Red Magic Sigil we can stack up a ton of damage by quickly eliminating enemies and steamrolling through a combat field.
QuickstepCore GreenReduce the cooldown of your Blink ability.
Blink SurgeCore GreenBlink temporarily increases all Damage dealt by 20% for 3 seconds. Adding more damage to steamroll your opponents.
Greater BlinkCore GreenGain +1 Blink Charge.
Guard StepCore GreenBlink temporarily increases Armor by 100 for 2 seconds. This adds a nice defensive layer to your play style because you can be a bit more reckless.
Shield FeintBlue CoreBecause you can easily use Blink, you can also quickly reset your Shield’s cooldown and restore 20% of maximum Shield health.
Fast Shield
Blue CoreMovement is key to this build and using your Shield will slow you down, however, with this skill you can negate that speed penalty and keep running around.
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