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Immortals of Aveum “Torrent” Build

Immortals of Aveum - Torrent Build
Immortals of Aveum - Torrent Build

There is a piece of gear in Immortals of Aveum that allows you to augment your Torrent Fury and if you lean into that mechanic, you can create a fun and powerful Torrent build. This green magic fury is super useful as it’s a long-range attack that homes in on your target. With this setup, we are going to supercharge Torrent which allows you to delete your enemies.

How does it work? Well, initially, Torrent allows you to cast multiple projectiles which will then barrage your opponents, however, when we use the green “Exalted Seekershards” sigil it will augment the spell. The sigil will combine those multiple projectiles into one single large missile. This altered Torrent spell will now deal 300% damage compared to the original spell.

This is where the fun starts because if you equip gear that adds additional Torrent missiles, they will add more of those 300% damage missiles to your arsenal. This means that your single projectile fury spell will now turn into a multiple projectile spell again but now they are supercharged.

I’m adding the cherry on top by implementing Fury Mana regeneration. Now your devastating missile barrage will refill your Fury Mana bar and you will be firing Torrents all day long.

Gear Explained

Blue SigilCentanus or Free ChoiceI didn’t use a lot of Blue Magic Sigils, therefore, I slotted the Centanus in here as it provides me with a +1 Torrent. That said, this Triarch sigil works really well as a Blue Sigil and is one of the top-tier Blue Sigils.
Red SigilFree Choice or CentanusEnd Game had me using a lot of close-up combat therefore I used one of the best Red Magic Sigils.
Green SigilExalted SeekershardsWe need this Epic Sigil to augment our Torrent fury into the 300% damage missile.

You could use the Wildland Seekershards early-game but this Rare Sigil augments it into a 200% damage missile.
Blue TotumSansekThe Sansek adds Blue Magic Power to your build. This increases your Blue Magic Damage and that’s something you will need throughout the game.

If you lean heavily on your Green Sigil you can use the Chain of Orphe as it enhances your Green Sigil fire rate. The Sansek makes for a better well-rounded build.
Red TotumLens of LightThe Lens of Light provides the most Red Magic Powers. The Eclipse would let you enhance your Blue Critical Damage if you want to focus on that.
Green TotumVial of the DeepmereThe Vial of the Deepmere provides the most Green Magic Power which increases the damage of all Green Magic spells. The Regen Shred also helps you defeat enemies with green shields.

The Radiant Vial is a nice option for big boss fights. While you sacrifice a bit of Magic Power compared to the Vial of Deepmere, it increases your Dominion Mana Generation. Immulate is powerful and you are invincible while casting that.
Ring#1AuroraEasy choice, it increases the number of Torrent missiles (+2) and the Torrent damage.
Ring#2Ring of MissilesAnother easy choice, it increases the number of Torrent missiles (+2), Torrent damage, and Green Magic Power.
BracerXerexesWe are running a Fury Build therefore we use the Xerexes because it increases the damage of our Fury spells and on top of that it also provides Fury Mana Regeneration.

A Torrent barrage with this build is able to (almost) regenerate a full fury segment.

Skill Tree Explained

You want to purchase all of the Torrent Fury upgrades because they add additional damage and projectiles to your Torrent spell. Also, take a look at these Talents in your skill tree as they will help you amplify the main star of this build.

I do have some recommendations on best Talents in Immortals of Aveum but outside of helping you get the most out of the Torrent Fury, I don’t want to force you to use a specific magic color so you can lean into the type you like.

Mana WellCore GreenThis allows you to passively regenerate one Fury Mana Segment and therefore beneficial to keep casting Torrent spells.
Fury SiphonCore GreenYou will be killing enemies with your Torrent Fury so get that health regen.
Green AcolyteCore GreenMore Green Magic Power = More Torrent Damage
Green AdeptCore GreenMore Green Magic Power = More Torrent Damage
Piercing BoonCore GreenIf you are able to defeat enemies with Critical Hits with your Sigil strikes, you have a 25% chance to generate a segment of Fury Mana.

This is a “nice-to-have “skill if you are already invested in the Blue Skill Tree. The “Mana Well” talent and the Xerexes Bracer combination already help you plenty with Fury Regeneration.

The same could be said for the “Siphon Mana” Talent in the Red Disrupt Tree. If you spell break a lot it could be beneficial.
Green MasteryCore GreenMore Green Magic Power = More Torrent Damage
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