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Moze “Flare Bear” Build – Borderlands 3


Flare Bear Moze is a powerful Moze Build by Moxsy It’s kinda an update on his “Baby Boomer Moze” Build, which was a level 65 build, however, Flare Bear Moze is designed to work on Level 72 + Mayhem 11. It can do bossing & mobbing.

Flare Bear Moze is going full Purple Tree as you want Iron Cub active for as long as possible. The reason for that is that you will be using the Flare Class Mod. This class mode will give increased damage if you can keep your fuel up. More fuel = more damage. For this build, you want to focus on Cryo weapons

Definitely check out the video above.



Flare Bear Moze Skill Tree
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  1. This build also works with other elements, I used shock on Mayhem 11 until I got all my Cyro stuff.

  2. The cub setup feels amazing.
    I got a flare mod and I am still struggling to deal enough damage to mobs to feel safe. Do I need a specific weapon to feel powerful? Is there any chance that you could clarify on what rolls are good or should be targeted on the flare and weapons? What weapon would you recommend to grind out first?

    • Moze is great with splash damage weapons. This build focuses on the Cryo element. The Old God Shield also plays into this as it increases the element it comes with. Anoints also play a big role in Borderlands 3 so you might need to reroll an item to get a good one.


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