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Moze – Splash Master Build 2.0 – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 | Splash Master Moze Build (Destroy Mayhem 10 + Game Save)

Moze – Splash Master Build 2.0 by Joltzdude

Because of the new level cap increase and stuff, Joltzdude revisited his old Splash Master Build for Moze.

The Splash Master build for Moze focuses on splash damage. With this build, you want to use the “when your health is below 50%, you will deal 150% radiation damage” anoint. You will be running the Deathless artifact to reduce your health to 1 HP and therefore always proc the anoint bonus. The 1 HP will also increase your gun damage because of the “Desperate Measures” skill, the lower your health the greater the damage. The skill “Thin Red Line” will also reduce Moze’s maximum health but increases her maximum shield capacity. And with the Bloodletter class mod, your health regen will be transferred to your shield. This allows you to run with 1HP and a very big shield. Because of all the splash damage buffs, you might want to keep your distance from your enemies.


Skill Tree

Moze - Splash Master Build 2 by Joltzdude139 - Borderlands 3
Moze – Splash Master Build 2 by Joltzdude139 – Borderlands 3

Save File


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