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Skeep-Zerker Build – Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

INSANE FROST DAMAGE | Easy Chaos 20 Brr-Zerker Build | Save File | Wonderlands

This Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Build is made by RestAssured. This is his upgraded LVL 40 Skeep-Zeker build, which focuses on the Brr-Zerker but combines it with the Spellshot. Turn your enemy in a Skeep and do a ton of frost damage.



  • Weapons:
    • Masterwork Handbow of the engineer (great for spellweaving stacks)
    • Snowballing Liquid Cooling of Impatience (Action Skill Start, increases Damage Dealt Enchantment)
    • Queen’s Cry
  • Melee: Goblin Pickace of the Butcher
  • Spell: Buffmeister (On Spell Cast, Increase Gun Damage)
  • Action Skill: Polymorph


  • Ring Left: Magic Mood Ring of the Cutting Words (Spell/Gun Damage)
  • Ring Right: Magic Mood Ring of the Doomed Barge (Spell Damage)
  • Amulet: Sacrificial Skeep (Frost + Brr-zerker power)
  • Ward: Cursed Wit with While Action Skill is Active, increase Frost Damage Enchantment
  • Armor: Viking’s Smart Armor of Controlled Chaos (Brr-Zerker + Spellshot Power)

Skill Tree

Hero Points

Backstory: Village Idiot

Strength52+52.5 % Crit Damage
Dexterity36+52.0 % Crit Chance
Intelligence15+5.0 % Spell Cooldown
Wisdom2**** % Status Damage
Constitution3**** % Max HP/Ward
Attunement1**** % Skill Cooldown

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