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Zane ‘Base Game’ Build – Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 | BASE GAME ZANE - NO DLC REQUIRED! (NEW in 2023)

Build Description

A New 2023 Zane Build by Ki11erSix that only utilized the gear that you can obtain from the base game. That said, this Zane build can do it all. Hemo at LVL 72 on Mayhem 11 is no problem. T

Ki11erSix goes in-depth on which skill to use and why, so check out the video as there are variations you can run.


WeaponMagnificentNoneWhen Digi-Clone Active, Regenerate 30% Ammo
WeaponLucian’s CallCryoElemental Crits can create a nova dealing 500% damage.
WeaponThe ButcherCryoAction Skill Active, +100% Weapon Damage
WeaponRowan’s CallRadiationSNTNL Active, +100% Cryo Damage
ShieldFrozen HeartAction Skill Start, trigger Shield Break/Fill effect.
Grenade ModRecurring HexOn Grenade Throw, +25% increased damage for 6 sec
Class ModExecutor
ArtifactIce Breaker Victory Rush

Skill Tree Overview

Zane Base Game Build Skill Tree by Ki11erSix
Zane Base Game Build Skill Tree by Ki11erSix


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