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Zane “Boresplosion” Build – Borderlands 3

BORESPLOSION ZANE! Insane Eraser Damage! // Best Zane Builds // Borderlands 3
Zane 'Boresplosion' Build by Moxsy

This is a Zane Build by Moxsy is featured around the skill; Eraser and splash damage weapons. By combining these 2 with the Hustler class mod, your explosions will trigger new explosions that stack bonus damage. You can layer the Toboggan on top of this to increase your damage output. But to protect yourself from all this splash damage you will need to spec into ‘Duct Tape Mod’. This build is made with the MNTIS Cannon in mind but you can pick any other action skill as your second gadget.



Zane 'Boresplosion' Build Skill Tree - Borderlands 3
Zane ‘Boresplosion’ Build Skill Tree – Borderlands 3
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  1. I’ve got everything listed in the build but the explosions don’t get copied. After exhausting every rocket I have I wasn’t able to knock down graveward one time. Suspect it’s been patched

  2. Hello Matt, I habe been facing the same problem, but according to what I found out, it is not patched, though I same some mentions that it does not work on PS5. I am playing on PC though, so I cannot say whether or not that is correct.

    However, the problem seems to be a different one. It is really a shame since the rest of the guide is very good and the gear requirements are spot-on – still it will not work for many players (like me) due to one little detail: you need splash damage radius (!) on your hustler. Without this, the radius will be too small to trigger the chain reaction, so this is really the spark that starts the explosion, without it, you are throwing wet noodles.

    To be honest I could not yet check for myself since I habe yet to find such a hustler, but it is mentioned in the nore detailed guides (like boresplosion 2.0 from Moxsy – this is also quite recent and still seems to work).

    Gravewarden however seems to follow its own rules. Cannot kill it with launchers either, but even without splash radius it is oneshot with complex root… Unless some m10 mods like big heads occur, not sure but I have the impression this mod stops the chain reaction somehow… Best to do testruns on m11.

    I really hope that helped and that I will soon find a good hustler to test myself 🙂


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