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11 Years of Creation: A Mental Story!

My content creation journey started 11 years ago when I started making a few Borderlands 2 wallpapers. My hype was real and I wanted to share that joy with the community by making some wallpapers. Because the reception from the community and from the developers was totally awesome, it fueled me to keep going and that never stopped.

While my content has changed and evolved over the years, your support has always been there and it made for a wild ride. I would have never thought that I would be invited by a developer or publisher to check out their game. Going to their office here in Holland to check out an upcoming game already made me feel special but later getting invited on press trips out of the country is insane!

MentalMars With Devs at Borderlands 3 Reveal Event 2019
MentalMars With Devs at Borderlands 3 Reveal Event 2019

Getting to meet the awesome people behind the games is really really awesome. It was one of those unobtainable goals that I thought I never was going to experience but you have to dream big so that you have something to strive towards. With the current creator economy these things are more accessible but when I started out those things weren’t really a thing.

One of my other unobtainable dreams was to have my own easter egg in a game. Something I didn’t expect to happen in a million years but shockingly it happened and I’m very grateful for it.

Just like I was acknowledged as GBX Community Badass and invited to become a 2K NextMaker are highlights in my content creator “career” because this site was built in my spare time while working full-time at a bakery and being a father of two.

It’s awesome to see all the support you have given me over all these years. I really appreciate everything you have given me and I’m excited about what the future has in store!

A special shoutout to My Patreon Supporters:

  • Steve Andrews
  • KDRW
  • Ben Longman
  • Brandon Bogard
  • Christopher Gregg
  • dunklunk
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  • Robert Taylor
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