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13 Things You Missed in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ 3rd Class Trailer

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Class Trailer 3 Analysis
Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Class Trailer 3 Analysis

Gearbox Software and 2K Games released their 3rd Character Classes trailer for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. I went through the trailer frame-by-frame and here is my breakdown as I noticed several interesting. There are the things I want to share with you as they stood out to me and it’s not the cure shark with the bow.


TTWL Class 3 Trailer Analysis - Boat

In the opening shot, we briefly see this sunken ship. What’s that orb on the left? It kind of looks like an eyeball that we see later on in the trailer.

That gravestone with the red glowing jewel on it looks interesting. I wonder if we will be able to interact with it.

Of course, there is a treasure on the boat. I wonder how we will get there or is this a low gravity environment that lets us jump higher.

A Lucky Dice is hidden on the right.

Angry Cloud

TTWL Class 3 Trailer Analysis - Cloud

This cloud is interesting. On one side you see a red projectile coming out of the cloud that damages you. You would think the cloud is an enemy, however, on the other side, you see the big raindrops take out that Skulltulla. Since the red projectile and the Skulltulla line up. I think the projectile is a ranged attack from the Skulltulla and the cloud is a magic spell that is cast by the player. Having Thunderstorms and Acid Clouds as magic spells is cool.

Spoon this!

TTWL Class 3 Trailer Analysis - Eye Enemy

In a previous trailer, I already spotted these floating eyeballs. In the story trailer, we saw these enemies with a big eye as a head. So I already speculated that this could happen but THE FREAKING EYE COMES OUT!!! If one of the melee weapons is a spoon I’m gonna lose it.

Tina would be proud

TTWL Class 3 Trailer Analysis - Rift

What is that rift doing there? The glowing sparkles make it look like a portal that can open up. There is a barrel in front of it with a purple lever, while I have seen those in the other trailers. This positioning almost looks intentional.

On the other side of this image. SAWBLADES WITH DYNAMITE, WANT !!! Tina would be proud.

Power Up!

TTWL Class 3 Trailer Analysis - Powerups

This magic spell looks awesome but did you spot what’s in the background. There is one of those little altars again with a floating icon above it. I spotted similar altars in previous trailers but they all have different icons. The one with the sword is also visible later on in this trailer. I think these altars will give you passive buffs corresponding to the icon but I wonder if they come at a price.

  • Bullets: Increased Weapon Damage
  • Sword: Increased Melee Damage
  • Shield With Arrow: Increased Ward Recharge Speed
  • Shield: Increased Ward Capacity


TTWL Class 3 Trailer Analysis - Cutsman

The weapon in this screencap has a magic barrel that kinda acts like the Cutsman from Borderlands 3 as it shoots these wide beams. I hope it lives up to that gun as it was a lot of fun to use.

Rainbow all the way

TTWL Class 3 Trailer Analysis - Rainbow Loot

Throughout the trailer you see multiple crystals dropping from enemies. They are unique as they have a rainbow beam. I think this might be a rare currency like Eridium in Borderlands 3. Enemies can randomly drop them. They look more like Seraph crystals at this point. In the Story Trailer, we did see a Shroompy that lootsploded and rained down a ton of these.

Lucky Dice

What would a Trailer Analysis be without spotting a few Lucky Dice!

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