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1st Big Space Punks Update: The Talented One

Space Punks Update - The Talented One
Space Punks Update - The Talented One

Features & Improvements


You can now develop the talents of your characters. A total of 126 talents are available, including 28 item talents. The talent tree is divided into three branches:

  • Soldier (offensive)
  • Scavenger (utility)
  • Survivor (defensive)

As you level up, you gain talent points. Use them to unlock the full potential of your characters.

When you log in for the first time after the update, you will notice that all your old talent items have been removed. Please don’t be sad – they were trash anyway. Luckily these new ones work like a charm.

Gear Upgrade System

Is there a weapon you like, but its power level is too low? We understand your pain. Fortunately, there is now a solution!

Now you can upgrade your gear on the Workbench at the Black Market. It’s not free, obviously, but you need to spend your hard-earned resources somewhere, so why not chuck them all on upgrading your favorite items?

Please keep in mind that items can be upgraded only a limited number of times, so you will eventually have to move onto more powerful gear.

Companions Are Back!

Great news – beginning today, companions will be able to operate on all planets in Hoardspace.

You can equip your companion at the nearest Premium Store.

Thanks for your patience.

Players Respawn Improvements

Teleportation is relatively safe. We admit there might have been some cases of users materializing inside a rock or an object… look, let’s not start pointing fingers. We’re hoping the problem has now been resolved.

Space Station Changes

Here’s a list of changes:

  • The Space Station teleport location has changed.
  • Some vendors have moved:
  • Virgil
  • Dr. Lugebelenus
  • Vault Support
  • Gigs Galaxy
  • Vendors now have ambient music. Dancing is encouraged.
  • New props have added: departure board, bench, tables, chairs, neon lights.
  • Light and colors are more natural. It’s all about the mood.

Nickname Visibility

We know how important it is to show off your nickname, and from now on a player’s nickname will display over the vendor’s description.

New Summary Screen

We have revamped the Summary Screen. And we’re not stopping there – expect more changes in the next update.

Bug Fixes

Hoardspace is a dangerous place, we know. But don’t worry, we’re here for you.*

Crash fixes:

  • Fixed a possible crash when trying to load into the mission ‘A Safe Teleportation’.
  • We also fixed a possible crash to desktop after entering the main menu.
  • Fixed a possible crash when restarting the Mining Facility mission in a party of four players.
  • Fixed a possible crash when loading the mission ‘Fresh Meat’.
  • Fixed a possible server crash caused by a large number of simultaneous player connections.
  • Fixed a possible crash when the player started a mission after the maintenance countdown was displayed.


  • Companions no longer cause the game to lag (which resulted in the player being kicked back to the Hub).
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn’t enter the Hub or missions without restarting the game.
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck on ‘Connecting to server’ when trying to start a mission.
  • Fixed an issue where players accepting invites from parties waiting in lobbies were unable to join.
  • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to log in when using a slow/mobile connection or a VPN.
  • Players should now no longer get stuck on the Summary Screen or the Reward Screen.
  • Players no longer have to press the Accept button for Reward chests (pressing the assigned key/button is now enough!).
  • Controller vibration intensity settings in Options now correctly apply.
  • Players can now accept or dismiss a friend’s invitation via the Epic Games Launcher after exiting the game.
  • All redundant audio option checkboxes have been removed.
  • The Invite option is no longer displayed in the Epic overlay when playing in a full party.
  • Players should no longer randomly get stuck at start of a mission when in a party.
  • The tutorial now displays ‘Connecting to server’ and not ‘Waiting for players’ while in the pre-mission lobby (since it’s a single-player-only mission!).
  • Fixed an issue where sending invites to 4+ people could create a party without the inviting player.
  • Party leaders should now get feedback messages from invited players when forming a party fails.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons appeared behind the player for a moment when sprinting.
  • The screen resolution of 1280×800 will no longer disappear from the display settings after selecting it and reloading the interface.
  • The last player in the party no longer has a default avatar from the perspective of the rest of party members.
  • The shadow cast by the default/Cyberpig/Soldier Finn skins no longer flickers on the Hub’s floor when ‘Shadows Quality’ is set to low.


  • Missing gear type names have been added.
  • The Hacking minigame now uses the correct movement control mapping (and not just the cursor keys).
  • Enemy collisions are no longer misaligned when pulled by Finn’s Nanolock.
  • Companions picking up a medkit no longer prevent players from picking up any others that have dropped.
  • Companions are now more responsive!
  • Loot picked up by companions now disappears immediately.
  • Flamers and D-Guns can no longer deal damage to a Boomer with its shell closed.
  • Melee attacks and Heavy Hits are now performed in the direction in which the right stick is aiming.


  • Players will no longer lose their HUD when returning to the Hub.
  • The Scrap Value tooltips are now displayed correctly.
  • Placeholder icons are no longer shown when placing Talent Items in the Talent slots.
  • Software crafting parts no longer have placeholder icons.
  • Inspection now shows what resources are given from scrapping.
  • Display issues with nicknames and vendor bubbles have been fixed.
  • The Star Map mission icons and legend are now more consistent.
  • Talent items now properly round their allocated stats to the nearest whole number.
  • Fixed an issue where previewing the Epic Entrance item would disable button SFX in all menus, and with vendors and NPCs.
  • The timed mission timer will now automatically reset when it runs out.
  • Locked skills now have icons in the Skills interface.
  • The ‘Thank you for buying Founders Pack’ now displays correctly.
  • Fixed various spots with invisible collision issues in the Space Station.
  • The Contract requiring players to open 300 Loot Crates has been reworded for clarity.
  • Some item and store spellings have been corrected and updated to US English.


  • Fixed the invisible collision on a bridge in the mission ‘Restart the Mining Facility’.
  • An objective in the mission Blood Harvest now displays correctly.
  • Fixed some issues where the player could get stuck due to missing nav-mesh.
  • The strength of enemies is now increased accordingly when playing on Hard or Hardcore difficulty.
  • Fixed a possible timeout when joining a mission.
  • The difficulty setting is no longer applied at random when queueing for a grinding mission as a solo player (resulting in players being matched with others who selected different difficulties).
  • The Toxic Geyser has a red damage range marker again.
  • The repaired shuttle is no longer duplicated upon objective completion.
  • The ‘Pick Up’ prompt for batteries and cables will no longer be displayed twice.
  • Beast Mode is no longer failed due to one participant getting downed.
  • Destroyed cooler objectives now have VFX.
  • Coolers will now lower when attacked and raise back up once the area is safe.
  • The Fame Widget no longer shows the same Fame amount for all players.
  • Fixed the missing and mismatched NPC voice lines in the mission ‘The Airflow’.
  • Removed the ‘A Safe Teleportation’ seed that had an unusually small groups of enemies.
  • Players can no longer bump into other players that have already confirmed extraction.
  • The ‘Pick Up’ prompt for batteries will now disappear correctly in the ‘Storm Grinders’ mission, and a ‘Storm Grinders’ objective name has been fixed.
  • Fuel Cell nodes will now spawn correctly.
  • The ‘Check the Vents’ objective asset can now be damaged from range.
  • Fixed some mission subtitle spelling errors.
  • A gate/bridge in ‘The Airflow’ will now properly appear open to players.

The Next Space Punks update is the Crafty One which will also enhance the crafting aspects of the game.

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