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2 New Battleborn Heroes Announced

Battleborn - Deande and Trevor Ghalt Announcement
Battleborn - Deande and Trevor Ghalt Announcement

Gearbox Software and 2K Games announce 2 new Battleborn heroes. These  are Trevor Ghalt and Deande.  With the first character Gearbox has been teasing us for a while as he was also hidden away in the E3 Trailer. But Trevor Ghalt is  very important to the story of the game as he is the one who made this alliance of Battleborn possible. This military veteran is a tank, he uses a shotgun  to shoot everyone in range. If your opponent isn’t at close range, well make them, because Ghalt has a chained hook to pull enemies towards him. Shoot your enemies at range to chip some of their shield away, but pull them in for the last 4 shots because these shell do extra damage. And while you were chipping that shield away you should have thrown a your other special ability out.  Ghalt’s second  skill is the scraptrap, a mine that explodes on contact. So you will be pulling those enemies into your mines with that hookshot. With the Helix skill tree you can upgrade these mines into cloaked mines,  ones that do area-of-effect damage or  throw out some more explosive shells. For some serious damage Trevor Ghalt can pull in an extra shotgun for more badass fire power.

Want to know more about the skill tree check out Ghalt’s Helix on his profile page.

Ghalt Firstlook Gamplay

Battleborn: New Character Ghalt Revealed - IGN First

The second hero is another female. Battleborn is strongly represented with powerful female characters. The funny thing about this character is that i spotted her a while ago and made an speculation blog about her. Back then i had strong evidence that this unannounced hero could have been Empress Lenore. With this announcement we know that this hero is actually Deande and that she was the right hand of Rendain. After Rendain betrayed the empress, Deande is fixed into stopping his plans with the Varelsi. Deande is a spymaster for over a 1000 years and she is the assassin type. She is good in close combat and has the ability to throw her fans.  One of her special abilities is called Holotwin, with this she summons a holographic version of herself onto the battlefield. As the player will go into stealth mode, this Holotwin with an aggressive AI that will attack nearby enemies.  This gives you the chance to get away or plan a sneak attack as one of your upgrades is called backstab and will provide you with some extra bonus damage when attacking enemies from the back. Deande also has an dash attack because every assassin has to have one right ? With her ultimate ability she will unleashes a flurry of 10 strikes directly ahead of her, stunning enemies and dealing damage.

Want to learn more about her skill tree check out Deande’s Helix on her profile page.

Deande Firstlook Gameplay

Battleborn: New Character Deande Revealed - IGN First
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