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21 Details You Missed in the New Tales From The Borderlands Trailers

New Tales From The Borderlands Hidden Secrets
New Tales From The Borderlands Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

I was called upon by Mitsu during the Bordercast when they interviewed the Gearbox Software Developers about New Tales From The Borderlands.

To give a bit of context, Mitsu asked about the Vaultlanders and if we would see other characters, like Zane, from the Borderlands franchise appear in the game.

As Frederic Scheubel (Producer) explained some of the in-game, Lin Joyce (Head of Writing) mentioned there were more familiar faces during the New Tales From The Borderlands Gameplay Demonstration.

Because Mitsu was shocked to discover more fan favorites were present during the demonstration, he called upon me to discover them all.

I heard and answered the call, however, I’m doubling down. I didn’t just watch the gameplay demo frame-by-frame, I watched ALL THE TRAILERS FRAME-BY-FRAME!

More Vaultlanders

Vaultlander Select Screen

The obvious point to check is the Vaultlanders select screen. I already did that as you can find the Vaultlander info in the dedicated article.

There are several familiar faces you can discover here. There is Salvador, Amara, Zane, Vasquez, and FL4K.

Since all of the Borderlands 3 Vaulthunters are here except for Moze, it’s likely that Moze will also appear as a figurine.

Having Vasquez on the roster means we can also expect other characters from the Original Tales From The Borderlands.

FL4K is a bonus figure you get when purchasing the Deluxe version of NTFTB.

Did you also notice each Vaultlander has its own Attack power, Defense Strength, and special ability?

Claptrap Confirmed

Hot loader & Claptrap Vaultlanders

Gearbox Software and 2K Games shared a Shift Code for NTFTB to get the HOT Loader Vaultlander but in that footage, you can also see the loader fight Claptrap. So Claptrap is confirmed as a figurine.

Posters In The Dark

Posters in the dark showing Ellie and Typhon

I totally missed this in my first viewing because initially you focus on the new characters but when examining the footage frame-by-frame, I started looking for details.

You can spot two posters in the background. They were a bit hard to see as it’s a bit dark there, however, when you brighten the footage, you can see a poster of Ellie’s Garage and Typhon Deleon.

Asking Ellie

Poster with the text: Ellie have my babies

Halfway through the gameplay demonstration, Octavio wants the sneak past a guard by hiding in an ammo crate. For a brief moment, you can see a poster on the back wall saying: “Ellie have my babies”.

Also, great Solid Snake reference with Octavio wanting to sneak past the gaurd using this methed.

Vaughn and Atlas Compass

Highlighting a book by Vaughn and Atlas' Moral Compass

There are a bunch of hidden details in the character trailer. There is a shot where you can see Anu walk towards Phuong.

Next to the desk is a bunch of books, however, if you pay close attention and turn your head upside down, you can see that the book is called; Vaughn Sunnwalker.

Vaughn is a character from the original Tales game and made an appearance in Borderlands 3. Vaughn is the leader of a bandit group called the Sun Smashers. Vaughn Sunnwalker could derive from that.

Then there is OUR MORAL COMPASS. It looks like Atlas, or probably Rhys in this case, has the vision to get filthy rich as the compass points towards the Almighty Dollar sign.

The word “Integrity” is written on the opposite side of the Almighty Dollar and to the left and right are Good and Bad.

So, I’m not sure how Rhys is running his company but I’ll guess we will find out in New Tales From the Borderlands.

B Vington Revealed

Side by side of a newspaper and a new character

As Octavio is telling about his vision of fame and showcasing other famous people. You can see B Vington in one of the newspapers.

As the scene briefly transitions to the bar, you can see B Vington hanging against the bar.

The glasses, collar, logo on the chest, and overall look match, I’m gonna say “They are the same picture” 😉

The bottle of champagne and Octavio’s dance suggest there is something to celebrate.

I don’t know who the other character on the left news cover is. I assume we will also meet Rhonda Fullfölja in the game.

Vaultlander Creator Revealed

Side my side revealing Marcus as the creator of Vaultlanders

The Gearbox Software Developers are telling in interviews that Vaultanders is a popular game in the Borderlands universe and that there is lore behind it.

What they aren’t telling you directly but teasing in the reveal trailer is that Marcus Kincaid is the creator of Vaultlanders as the news cover states; “Vaultlander Creator Wins Big” while displaying Marcus on the cover.

We all know Marcus as the arms dealer in Borderlands but apparently, he also has a side hustle where he profits off of the Vault Hunters by selling Vaultlander figurines.

I wonder how many Vault Hunters actually signed away their likeness.

Lor + Quick Change

Side by Side of Lor in the news cover and as a character

In the character trailer, we first get introduced to the main characters and later on to major side characters. Lot is one of them but if you paid close attention to all those magazine covers. Lor was on one of them meaning he is successful according to Octavio.

  • Headline: Coffee Lovers and Fighters for the Promethean workers!
  • Apron: No Roast The Wicked

Another detail is that the Quick Change Station needs to reboot as it says; “ERROR RESTART REQUIRED”

This could indicate that you need to unlock the quick change station during the game.

There was also a quick change station in Fran’s frogurt store.

Rhys’ Office

Multiple detail in Rhys' office in Atlas HQ

There is a lot to uncover in Rhys’ office at the end of the character trailer.

TIMM-E is Rhys’ assistant. His character description did say no request is too big or small but I didn’t expect that he would literally is Rhys’ chair.

On Rhys’ desk are multiple things I want to show.

Apparently, Rhys has a Vaultlander auction site displayed on his computer screen. You can see that the ZER0 figurine has just been sold. Did Rhys sell it or is he also trying to obtain it?

You can also see a small figurine next to Rhys’ computer screen. Even when enhancing the image, it’s hard to unravel who this is. I expect this to be a Vaultlander figurine of Vaughn as the only thing I can actually make out is that it’s a male figurine and he has a cape.

Next to the computer and the figurine is a photo of Sasha. It was also in Rhys’ office during the events of Borderlands 3. In that game, Rhys was looking for her but that search didn’t get any closure.

While Gearbox President, Randy Pitchford, mentioned that they have plans for Sasha and Fiona, I don’t know if we will get any new information about them in New Tales From The Borderlands.

A Mysterious Shoe in Rhys’ Office

Showing a Mysterious Shoe in Rhys' Office

First off, I wanted to point out that Rhys has his siege mustache. This was a big deal in Borderlands 3 where you as the player could choose to shave it or not. It looks like the mustache is canon now.

For a few frames during the trailer, there appears a leg on the screen. It’s at the very end and hard to miss. This leg has given me nightmares as I have been going over all the characters in the whole Borderlands franchise to see which shoes they are wearing and if they match this person.

The Shoe of Susan Coldwell has some resemblance, however, it’s not an exact match. I could see Fiona having such a shoe but Randy said this princess is in another castle.

Then I noticed the stance. The leg is in a weird position and it seems to be on a small platform. I went to Rhys’s office in Borderlands 3 to see if I could find some evidence but that didn’t help out as the office changed.

I think this shoe is from a statue as it is on a raised platform and that stance could be a victory pose.


Vault in the background

Here is a fun little detail if you played Borderlands 3, while the focus of this scene is about the foreground, there is a safe in the back. This safe was used to store the weapons you wanted to keep but couldn’t carry with you.

The First Vault Hunter

There is a Typhon Deleon poster on the building in the background

In this quick shot where our shy scienetist, Anu, takes aim, you can see a billboard of Typhon Deleon.

Great to see that the legacy of The First Vault Hunter still lives on on the Planet Promethea.

Best BBFs The Movie

The Screen on a laptop shows; Best BBFs - The Movie
During Octavio’s introduction there is a laptop displayed in the background. If you adjust the brightness you can read the title.

BEST BBFs – The Movie

The character shown reminded me of my friend, Randy Varnell, who works at Gearbox Software as the President of Gearbox Properties and is a Gentleman Punslinger.

I’m wondering if this is one of those inhouse jokes and relates to Dream Daddy XD

BONUS: Streets of Promethea

These are bonus secrets as they came from a screenshot and not a trailer, however, you can spot a familair sexy lady. Indeed, it’s a “Catch a Ride” station. I assume we will be needing a vehicle at some point in the story.

ZOOM and ENHANCE! Yup you, can’t skip the most important meal of the day. There is a box of Mr. Torgue’s cereal near the trash.

It’s Borderlands so of course there is dynamite on the street, because reasons.

Also, this carpet is a throwback to Borderlands 2. “God bless this house, My weapon protects it” is written on it. You could find this carpet throughout the game.

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