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2nd Big Space Punk Update: The Crafty One

Space Punks - The Crafty One Update

Features & Improvements:

Crafting System

  • Crafting has been overhauled to make bigger, better, meaner weapons and armor.
  • Crafting parts have been replaced by ‘BITs’ – y’know, the bits and pieces that make your gun bigger. Pew pew!
  • BITs have rarities, and there is one BIT per type of weapon and armor.
  • Batteries have been added to the crafting system. Juice it up, baby!
  • Depending on the rarity of the battery, you may get additional software slots when crafting weapons.
  • Software further improves the stats of a crafted weapon.
  • Hardware has been added that gives crafted weapons unique functionality, such as added damage or faster reloading.

Punch Cards

  • Blueprints have been removed and replaced with punch cards!
  • Punch cards are now unlockable via a special tab at the Crafting Vendor.
  • Unlocking a punch cards requires either resources or the completion of certain tasks.
  • Punch cards are now upgradable.
  • Upgrading punch cards takes time and resources. But it increases their starting power and rarity, so it’s worth it!


  • A 3D weapon preview has been added to the Upgrader screen.
  • Upgrading has a cool new animation. Swanky!
  • A weapon’s upgrading animation now changes based on how often it has been upgraded in the past. Whoa!
  • The power level improvement on upgraded items is now more clearly communicated.

Players Feedback

  • Elite enemies now appear more frequently and earlier in the game.
  • Finn’s health has been increased.
  • The damage of Finn’s Rocket Rain skill has improved.
  • Finn’s Rocket Rain and Swine Magnetism skills have been switched (Rocket Rain is now unlocked at Level 1).

Economy Rebalance

  • Character levels now have a new XP threshold.
  • There is a rare new resource used in the crafting and upgrading systems.
  • The prices for crafting and upgrading systems have been adjusted.
  • Elite enemies drop more sweet, sweet loot!
  • There are new rewards for Daily and Weekly Contracts.

Talents in-Mission Visualization

  • Triggered talents will be visible on the mission HUD, along with their durations and cooldowns.
  • Talents now have additional VFX.

Space Station Improvements

  • The Space Station now has new and improved lighting, NPC animations and assorted assets.

Bug fixes:

Hoardspace is a dangerous place, we know. But don’t worry, we’re here for you.*

Crash fixes:

  • The game will no longer freeze on the Claim Rewards screen.
  • The game will also no longer crash when trying to load into the mission “A Safe Teleportation”.
  • Players will no longer get stuck on the loading screen while loading into a mission.
  • Solved a crash that occurred when in missions with a companion.
  • Fixed a crash when idling in the Main Menu during Maintenance.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when loading into a grinding mission as a duo.
  • Fixed a crash caused when Maintenance Mode started.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when scrapping items in the Vault.


  • The notification for ongoing/upcoming Maintenance shown on the Main Menu no longer has a delay before it is displayed.
  • Players will now receive the expected “Ongoing Maintenance” notification after getting kicked to the Main Menu during Maintenance Mode.
  • We once again say “Thank you for purchasing a Founder’s Pack” again, because you can’t put a price on good manners.
  • Lots of equipment mods now have their icons, description and titles.
  • There is a visual indicator when a player unlocks a new skill.
  • The default Cursor Sensitivity for a freshly installed game is now set to 50% (was 30%).
  • Players can no longer bind two different keys for Sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with a vendor while dashing could cause Bob to stay invisible for other players.
  • The game’s music now properly restarts after the player has exited the Credits.
  • Barks and other SFX are no longer audible when viewing the Credits in the Hub or during a mission.


  • The Twins’s firing SFX is no longer weird.
  • The Tank Boss’s SFX is now properly inaudible when the Master Volume is set to 0.
  • Ultimate Skill sound effects are now properly muted when Master Volume is set to 0.
  • Fixed the VFX for Duke’s Cluster Missiles synergy ability.
  • Finn’s second Synergy ability now has the right hero icon.
  • The “Pep-u-up” and “Shot of Courage” talent items now have proper icons.
  • The “Upgrader” Fame Road unlock now has a description.
  • The “Earth-Shattering Kaboom!” talent item now works correctly.
  • The “I’m Invincible” and “Mad Skills” talents now work, and also have correct descriptions.
  • The “Vitality”, “Refreshed” and “Enhanced Eyesight” talents now have correct stats.
  • The “Sadism” talent now has the proper cooldown time.
  • Old Boys with the Ricochet mod should now have a better time hitting Shredders at close range.
  • Software and Hardware crafting items can now be found throughout the game.


  • Fixed an issue where Bob had his old avatar (without glasses) in the Canteen.
  • Also fixed an issue where players experienced high packet loss and ping while in the Hub.
  • It is now easier to tell which character has an item equipped.
  • The party display will no longer show that the player is on a mission (when they definitely aren’t).
  • Players can no longer be invited to the party they are already in.
  • Cancelling an upgrade in the Upgrader no longer closes the Vendor.
  • There is now a confirmation message after successfully crafting an item.
  • Companions will no longer disappear and reappear when the player is at a vendor.
  • Various challenge icons have been updated with the correct art.
  • NPC icons are now the same size as the vendor icons in the Hub.
  • The Premium Store mini-map icon went missing, but has been found again.


  • Players will no longer get stuck at the start of some missions while in a party.
  • Party member shields are no longer randomly displayed as being empty.
  • Players can now always pick up meat in the “Fresh Meat” mission.
  • Players now properly unlock the punch card for the Bullet Spewer after completing the mission “Smashing Time”.
  • The correct number of enemies now appear during the “Purge, For Science” mission.
  • The Cooler HP bars now properly disappear after they’ve been successfully defended.
  • Grinding mission enemy spawns and power level now better match the player(s).
  • The XP bonuses on the Summary Screen now have tooltips.
  • There are now an appropriate amount of tooltips on the Summary Screen.
  • Fixed a layout issue on the Summary Screen, and updated some icons.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Ready” button prompt was being replaced by a red arrow in the Summary Screen.
  • Players no longer have to wait for everyone to have opened the Rewards Chest at the end of a mission.
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