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Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin & Shayne join the Battleborn

Battleborn - Whiskey Foxtrot - Kelvin - Shayne - Aurox
Battleborn - Whiskey Foxtrot - Kelvin - Shayne - Aurox

Today Gearbox Software and 2K Games proudly present 3 new Battleborn heroes to the world. These are Whiskey Foxtrot, Kelvin, and Shayne & Aurox. But before I go in-depth on these I have to say that GBX & 2K are on a roll these few weeks.  Starting in 2016, they announced Deande & Ghalt, and in early February they announced Attikus & Galilea.  So much exciting new content but also quality content with in-depth backstories and awesome new skill videos.

Whiskey Foxtrot

Battleborn - Whiskey Foxtrot - Rogue - Avatar
Whiskey Foxtrot – Rogue

After all my speculation he finally got revealed and I was nowhere close with any of my predictions hahaha. I looked too deep into finding clues that the obvious clue was right in front of me. The piece of gear was part of the Rogue faction and so was Whiskey  Foxtrot.

He is a rogue mercenary equipped with a blade and a machine gun.  In my theories, I first thought Whiskey Foxtrot was going to be Peacekeeper due to the similarity with Oscar Mike’s name. They are both code words for their corresponding first letter. But if we look close to the image we see that Whiskey Foxtrot is wearing a similar helmet as Oscar Mike. Because Oscar Mike is a clone soldier does this mean Whiskey Foxtrot is a clone soldier that has gone “Rogue” or was this simply a trophy in one of his battles? Well, it turns out that Whiskey Foxtrot is the first batch of “Mike” clones but there is something weird about them. All his gear is reversed-engineered.  Whiskey Foxtrot’s main weapon is a homemade assault rifle and he uses sticky bombs and scrap cannon.

Learn more about this Battleborn on Whiskey Foxtrot’s Profile page.

Whiskey Foxtrot Gameplay

Battleborn - New Story Gameplay with exclusive character reveal!

Shayne & Aurox

Battleborn - Shayne - Rogue - Avatar
Shayne – Rogue

Shayne is a Rogue punk who was inadvertently bound to the creature Aurox. With this hero, I get a bit of a Gaige & Deathtrap vibe from Borderlands 2. Here the giant machine protected a smaller character with death rays and furious claws. It looks like those claws made a return in Battleborn. Shayne’s main weapon is Aurox which is also her shield. Aurox will deal melee damage and can cloak Shayne for a devastating blow. You don’t want these two to catch you as they are a tag team to be feared.

Learn more about this Battleborn on Shayne’s Profile page.

Shayne & Aurox Gameplay

Battleborn EXCLUSIVE NEW Character Reveal: Shayne and Aurox Gameplay!!

Let’s play by Ghostrobo


Battleborn - Kelvin - Eldrid - Avatar
Kelvin – Eldrid

Kelvin is a colony of microorganisms attached to an ice golem. He got saved by Miko and now he fights with the Eldrid to preserve what’s left of the cosmos. Kelvin is a melee character and he is a defender type a real juggernaut. Because every time you chomp you get a bit of extra health. So at the end of a match, you will have a lot of life points on your character. Kelvin is also able to control the battlefield by creating a big ice wall. This stuns enemies but also creates a barrier that keeps enemies out. This could be a very useful tool in multiplayer to keep the enemy Battleborn from grouping up.

Learn more about this Battleborn on Kelvin’s Profile page.

Kelvin Gamplay

Battleborn: Kelvin Let's Play

Here is a let’s play featuring Randy Varnell

More Gameplay

Battleborn - New multiplayer gameplay with Whiskey Foxtrot and Toby

Here is a video that show more gameplay of Whiskey Foxtrot but also Toby.

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