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30th Battleborn Hero Revealed, Beatrix is the 6th Jennerit Character

With the release of Toby’s Friendship Raid, Gearbox Software and 2k Games have also revealed a bit more about the next Battleborn Hero. Her Name is Beatrix and she will be the 30th playable hero. This Jennerit is Precise, Deadly, and Obsessively Hygienic. She likes to manipulate living creatures so enemy players beware because, with her syringe arm, she can infect you at range. Beatrix is a scientist at artificial heart and will debuff you and will spread a disease across the battlefield.

Beatrix character concept was done by Anthony Nicholson who was also responsible for the character concept of Alani. So I asked him if Beatrix was an anti-Alani but he could tell me Beatrix was designed to be an anti-Miko. So a Miko is a great healer, and a good counter to that is the wound effect. As Beatrix’s character description mentioned she can debuff enemies at range. Because a hero’s skill should also be useful in the story mode it has to have another function. Therefore, by having a damage-over-time effect added to that could really kill off the healing capabilities of a support hero. As the wound effect would reduce the healing received and the damage over time would negate that even further. I won’t be surprised if Beatrix can use a helix upgrade to infect a target and that this effect will spread among other nearby enemies. But then again this debuff can be reducing other character stats. But for the sake of anti-Miko, I’m going for healing received for now.

If we once again look at one of Miko’s skills, we see that Miko is able to slow enemies with his cloud of spores. So going further with the anti-miko would Beatrix do the opposite? Is she able to speed up herself and her allies making them more efficient at assassinating their enemies? Because Speed Kills and one of my favorite Gear is those with increased attack speed and reload speed.

To continue with the speculation. Beatrix character description did mention she would be spreading a disease across the battlefield. I kinda touched on that with the wound effect spreading to nearby enemies. But Anthony also added this Biohazard icon to his profile name since Beatrix was announced. So is she able to do some chemical warfare by throwing out a canister of that toxic stuff? Will this create a biohazard? Having a toxic area that does damage over time. This would make Beatrix more of a disruptor and a controller.

Well, let me know what you guys think of Beatrix and what cool skills she should have.

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