Borderlands 2 wallpaper - Crossing the Lines

Borderlands 2

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Behind the scenes look on Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 wallpaper - Crossing the Lines

During the development of Borderlands 2 Game Informer got the first look on the game. As they got to check out the upcoming hit from Gearbox Software they interviewed some of the staff members and made some quality videos of that. So if you are interested in the history behind Borderlands 2 and how  it was made check out these videos.

The Origins of Borderlands

Executive producer Randy Pitchford, lead programmer Jimmy Sieben, lead level designer Graeme Timmins, and game designer Jonathan Hemingway share their stories and help explain what it took to get Borderlands off of the ground and onto store shelves.

Randy Pitchford Talks Borderlands 2

The president and CEO of Gearbox Software discusses the changes in store for Borderlands 2 with Game Informer’s Dan Ryckert

Designing New Environments

The art director for Borderlands 2 explains the process of designing new, more colorful environments for the new game in the series.

The Art of the Antagonist

The art director for Borderlands 2 explains the design and the story behind the central antagonist for the sequel.

Designing the Sounds of Monsters in Borderlands 2

Raison Varner, audio lead for Borderlands 2, talks about the process of designing monters for Borderlands and how the team is able to mix and match different animal noises to create a whole new creature.

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